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Young Kim

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Friendly, loving, and funny teacher with 5years of teaching experience is here to help!
Uit Korea, RepubliekWoont in New York, Verenigde Staten (22:04 UTC-04:00)
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italki leerkracht sinds 27 Sep 2019
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Hi everyone! My name is Young, and I am your Korean language teacher! I have experience teaching the Korean language in Africa and in the United States. I can speak English “almost" fluently and some Portuguese which means I know how to study languages. So I can lead you to how you can do it too. I love doing yoga and weight lifting. I am an environmental lover. My favorite animal is a sloth because I want to resemble their trait of being calm and patient to be a better teacher🌸 enough of myself! I want to hear from you too. See you in class! ;)

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Student Retal Dawood
Retal Dawood
25 Koreaans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Teacher young is a great teacher she is really patient and fun you would never feel bored in her Lesson, she helps you memorize and learn everything in a way that’s fun and impactful.she helped me so much in learning Korean ✨💗🫶
4 jun. 2024
Student Eden
50 Koreaans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
I really enjoyed this lesson. I feel like I am more confident in my speaking! 어니 감사합니다! I feel like I am learning everytime we have our class!
10 jul. 2020
Student Haley
80 Koreaans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
감사합니다! :)) 오늘 저는 나무 늘보같아요 ㅠㅠㅠ
7 jul. 2020
Student Alexa Mendez Garcia
Alexa Mendez Garcia
4 Koreaans lessen
She's literally the best! Always engaged in the conversation and genuinely wants the best for her students and to see them succeed in their language-learning goals. Every time we meet it's always a blast and full of laughter! Can't wait to book another lesson with her! 담에 보자 언니~!!
28 jun. 2024
Student Marie
7 Koreaans lessen
I really enjoy talking with her, she's adorable and always has topics to discuss about, I feel comfortable and not pressured, looking forward to our next lessons ! ^^
6 jun. 2024
Student Meshel Hall
Meshel Hall
1 Koreaans les
I really enjoyed my class today… we covered a lot today. I knew a lot more than I thought. 쌈 showed me more easy way to remember things we went over. Highly recommended to anyone that want to learn. I am happy that I chose her to be my teacher and I can’t wait to take my classes soon.
6 jun. 2024
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