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Learn French in a fun way with an experienced teacher from Paris!
Uit FrankrijkWoont in Lisbon, Portugal (07:33 UTC+01:00)
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italki leerkracht sinds 6 May 2020
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Hello everyone! I am Canouchka, I'm 30 and I am from Paris. Currently I live in Lisbon where I work as a private teacher. French is my native language but I also speak fluently English and Spanish (I lived 2 years in Mexico & Spain) and now I am learning Portuguese. I have two degrees: one in English language and literature and another in Psychology. I also have a Masters in International Relations from University Paris La Sorbonne Nouvelle. I am an easy-going person, as I travelled a lot I am very curious to discover new cultures, languages and traditions. I also love cinema, cooking all around the world recipes, running and practicing yoga.

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Student Jeesun
1 Frans les
Keuze van de leerkracht
She was 1) professional and 2) really energetic! 1) Professional teacher: I could see she was asking questions to customize her lesson for my needs. And I could see she had lots of experience in teaching French. She shared her experience in virtual lessons and gave me valuable advice on how to get the most from those. 2) Energy: Aside from teaching, she was a delightful person to have a chat with. She was understanding and encouraged me to practice with her. All in all, I would 100% recommend her!
16 dec. 2020
Student Perth Charern
Perth Charern
41 Frans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Notre première leçon s'est déroulée incroyablement bien. On a travaillé sur les plusieurs expressions, les argots, et les verlans utilisés partout dans le registre familier. En bref, j'ai trouvé cette leçon pratique et agréable. Je suis impatient de poursuivre notre session à venir.
31 mei 2020
Student Ryan S
Ryan S
1 Frans les
Keuze van de leerkracht
Canouchka was very patient with my son and tried to adapt to his needs. She is very pleasant and kind.
12 mei 2020
Student Josiah Kinney
Josiah Kinney
16 Frans lessen
Never easy to keep learning a language when busy, but keep going and keep learning! Tutoring with Canouchka can be super chill and low pressure. But really important to keep practicing and keep speaking.
10 jul. 2024
Student Josiah Kinney
Josiah Kinney
16 Frans lessen
Great Lesson! Always recommend this teacher!
2 jul. 2024
Student Josiah Kinney
Josiah Kinney
16 Frans lessen
Super great lesson as aways. I would recommend Canouchka as teacher and conversationalist!
24 jun. 2024
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