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Henda Elteir

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Arabisch (Egypte)
Experienced TEFL-certified English Tutor with a Passion for Empowering Students
Uit EgypteWoont in Cairo, Egypte (11:20 UTC+03:00)
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italki leerkracht sinds 12 Mar 2022
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Hello! 👋🏼 My name is Henda, and I am an experienced and certified English tutor from Egypt with over 8 years of teaching experience. As a dedicated professional, I hold a TEFL certification and a bachelor's degree in languages and interpretation. I am truly passionate about teaching and take great joy in helping my students achieve their language-learning goals.

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Student عبدالرحن عبدالرحمن
عبدالرحن عبدالرحمن
12 Engels lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
شكراً جزيلاً استاذه هند الطير الفصل كان رائع وشيق تعاملها ممتاز جداً وشرحاها للدرس ممتاز استخدام وسائل شرح تساعد على تعلم اللغه بشكل افضل. للمبتدئين انصح باختيار المعلمه هند معلمه رائعه جداً.
31 jan. 2024
Student Daniel
1 Engels les
Keuze van de leerkracht
Henda has been a very helpful teacher throughout the years. I began my journey with her through my interest in Egyptian Arabic. She initially helped me with my writing skills, and then provided interactive reading materials and videos/songs to help me with my pronunciation and listening skills. She is very patient in allowing the student to speak at any level in Arabic, and creates an enjoyable environment to interact in Arabic without the fear of making mistakes. I recommend her services to any student in either Arabic or English.
19 mei 2023
Student Ioana Miu
Ioana Miu
8 Engels lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Henda is very professional and always prepared for the lessons! She is helping me prepare for the SAT and we could already seen a significant progress in my writing skills. I am very grateful for her involvement in my development!❤️
20 apr. 2023
Student Thyab
3 Engels lessen
I think she best teacher .
5 jun. 2024
Student Luis Campos
Luis Campos
2 Engels lessen
Henda is really patient and understands your goals and needs with the language. She designed a plan for me based on my objectives. I highly recommend her classes.
1 jun. 2024
Student Jenya Zilber
Jenya Zilber
1 Engels les
It was helpful and nice to speak with you,Henda🙂 Thanks a lot. Hope to see you soon
3 mei 2024
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