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Bonjour, je m'appelle Meriem j'ai 25ans, je suis tutrice de français et anglais depuis plus de 4 ans, j'ai un diplôme en parasitologie et un Master II en phytopharmacie et protection des végétaux. Je suis passionnée de littérature, de cinéma, de musique, de photographie et de dessin et de la culture japonaise. Ça me fera grand plaisir de savoir que je peux aider les autres a découvrir une langue étrangère et a l'aimer, hâte de vous rencontrer. Hello, my name is Meriem i am 25 years old, i've been a French and english tutor for more than 4 years now. I have a bachelor degree in parasitology and a master in phytomeasures and plant protection. . It’d be my pleasure to help learn a new language

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66 Beoordelingen

Student Antonio Ramos
Antonio Ramos
1 Frans les
I had a good experience in my french class. The teacher was incredibly supportive and always available to help clarify any doubts I had. I learned new things, and the lesson was engaging. The teachers expertise made this class enjoyable and effective. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their French.
19 jul. 2024
Student Kelsey Freitas
Kelsey Freitas
1 Frans les
Meriem did a good job keeping the conversation going the whole lesson time and in French for 90% of it. I was really glad she did that because it pushed me to try and understand/speak as much as possible and get out of my comfort zone. The only thing we didn't get into at all was future lessons or goals for learning beyond her asking why I was learning French, but overall I felt it was a very productive lesson!
15 jul. 2024
Student Kristina Zagoruiko
Kristina Zagoruiko
1 Frans les
I loved Miriam! She was fun to talk to, and it felt very friendly and comfortable. She gave examples and asked me questions every time she could, and taught me a few more expressions and words in just one lesson! 100% recommend💗
1 jul. 2024
Student Kaleb Pierce
Kaleb Pierce
18 Frans lessen
Always a pleasure talking with Meriem. The best teacher on Italki, no question.
28 jun. 2024
Student Flora Kelly
Flora Kelly
7 Frans lessen
I couldn't recommend Meriem enough! I look forward to our calls every week as she is a such a positive and encouraging person. She has helped massively improve my confidence in French and gives corrections or help when needed without breaking the natural flow of the conversation :)
26 jun. 2024
Student Natasha Kovinko
Natasha Kovinko
1 Frans les
It was very nice to have my trial lesson with Meriem, during our conversation we didn't have time to discuss next steps if any, the methodology and potential way of collaboration. I sent a msg after my lesson with all these questions, cuz I liked the atmosphere and the mood, however never got a reply. I don't know the reason, maybe my level is not good enough or any other thing didn't work out, I would only appreciate a reply.
20 jun. 2024
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