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😍 Top 1% Korean Teacher who majored in KOREAN Language study
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*Tuition fee increase, effective from July* EASY and FUN, SYSTEMATIC, PATIENT, INTERACTIVE 안녕하세요~! 여러분! Hello! Everyone! I'm a Korean teacher Minji ssam. I was selected as the top 1% Korean teacher on italki. I'm very patient. And I teach in a very easy and fun way. Do you want to study Korean? Then let's study together! -A professional teacher who majored in KOREAN Language study -A teacher specialized in TOPIK. -Provide a lot of class materials.(text books I made myself, vocabulary lists, etc.) [Career] -Certificate of Korean education level2 -Majored in Korean education -Five years' experience (Both online and offline) -Have taught more than 500 students (Foreign Students Only)

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Keuze van de leerkracht
I have been studying with Minji for 6 months and I see a huge difference. My speaking skills have really improved and I can hold conversations on a lot more topics than before. Minji has really helped me with my confidence. 감사합니다 선생님
21 jul 2023
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Keuze van de leerkracht
I love my lessons with Kim Minji! Before I started, I was a bit worried since I was a total beginner, and I was afraid I might not be able to follow but Kim Minji is an amazing teacher! She follows my pace and meets me where I am, and I never feel judged if I make mistakes or forget things. She's friendly and professional at the same time, and she's always eager to answer any questions I may have. I also love her reading material. I feel like she's organized the structure of the classes perfectly because I can see my progress every week when we chat at the beginning of the class and I'm more able to express myself in Korean. I definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to either learn the language from scratch or deepen their knowledge and understanding. Personally, our lessons are one of my weekly joys! 감사합니다 선생님!
6 mrt 2023
Luisa Gonzalez
55 Koreaans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
I’m preparing to take the TOPIK II and Teacher Minji has been great since the beginning! Her materials are really helpful and her feedback is always clear, she’s knowledgeable and is open to any questions. I can strongly recommend her not just for preparing for the TOPIK but just as a regular teacher, I feel more and more confident and comfortable with the language every day and it’s definitely thanks to her!
3 mrt 2023
JJ Beardsley
3 Koreaans lessen
Great promoting and facilitating. Really helps me to understand the content.
30 nov 2023
Jody Lin
109 Koreaans lessen
I have been taking classes with Minji 선생님 for over a year now and she is an amazing teacher. In the past year I’ve seen a huge improvement in both my Korean comprehension and speaking skills. Minji 선생님 is always encouraging and creates a safe space to ask questions and learn from mistakes. She also always believes in me and continually finds new ways to challenge me to grow. I started by taking regular lessons and eventually switched to TOPIK 2 preparation earlier this year. Minji 선생님 helped me set some goals and figured out a plan to get to my desired level. I was initially intimidated by exam prep, but Minji 선생님 always made classes fun and I grew to like them more than our regular lessons (which were also fun!) I highly recommend Minji 선생님 to anyone looking to improve their Korean. She is very kind and caring to her students and I look forward to many more classes with her!
28 nov 2023
1 Koreaans les
I feel like she was very energetic, it kind of overwhelmed me. Other than that she was amazing but I was just kind of overwhelmed.
27 nov 2023
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