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TPRS and Krashen: 🌐 Dive into French, live the language! 🇫🇷✨
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📖 We'll use AI-generated images on an interactive whiteboard to create an immersive learning environment and bring to life the story you choose according to your level. 🖼️ 🔬 I'll guide you through this story using the TPRS method. This approach helps reinforce comprehension and expression. The use of pictures and vocabulary notes will facilitate sentence construction and encourage your active participation 🧠 The aim is to immerse you in the language in a way that optimizes your ability to assimilate new information. Every interaction will contribute to strengthening your skills💡

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📖 Let's Create Your Story 📖 (Input, TPRS, Role-playing) 🎭📝✨ Package of 20
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Student Bennett Bullock
Bennett Bullock
81 Frans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Prof. Pierre and I had another wonderful lesson discussing issues in the Middle East. What I truly enjoy about Prof. Pierre is his flexibility. I learn languages best when talking freely about things like history, geopolitics, economics, etc. So what we do is go through articles, freely discussing our impressions and relating it to our experiences. Prof. Pierre's background, living as an expatriate in Lebanon, jibes with my expat background as well. I can certainly say that I am much more comfortable in French now than when I started a year a go, so I plan to continue!
29 mrt. 2024
Student Manami
22 Frans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
I like the way Pierre teaches — using real world examples and repetition. I truly feel like I’m learning every week. Pierre is extremely patient with me and my extremely elementary knowledge of the language. Merci, Pierre!!
2 nov. 2023
Student Sas Butler
Sas Butler
41 Frans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Once again; Pierre is awesome. Today my head was not screwed on right and so I asked him to talk to me so I could practice listening. He jumped right in and told me some ridiculously entertaining stories, and when I didn't understand something I would repeat the unknown word, he would make a note for the anki deck he creates every lesson, and explain what the word was in English before continuing his story. Really entertaining and fun, despite myself being low energy. Thanks Pierre!
18 mrt. 2022
Student Johannes Betz
Johannes Betz
6 Frans lessen
You have a great style of teaching! :-)
4 jul. 2024
Student David
4 Frans lessen
Had a really great first lesson with Pierre! He has a great easy to understand accent and the conversation flowed really well. I will be sure to book more lessons :).
6 jun. 2024
Student tom
30 Frans lessen
Very patient and guiding, knows where your linguistic weak points are.
29 mei 2024
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