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italki leerkracht sinds 28 Apr 2021
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Hi there! I'm SoSo, 36 years old, a native Japanese. I was so obsessed to teach Japanese that I decided to do it as a professional. I also enjoy being a "furry", which is an otaku for animal characters. I travel around for furry events. Beside of that geeky activity, I had worked in an animal hospital and an animal shelter before. So I'm familiar with animals and animal issues in Japan. Profession/Interest: Veterinary medicine, Animal welfare, Furry, Fursuit, Drawing, Street dance, Juggling, こんにちは、SoSo(そうそう)と言います。35歳の日本人です。趣味で絵を描いたり、ジャグリングやストリートダンスをしています。ケモナーという、動物のオタクで、ケモノイベントのためにいろいろな国へ行っています。今までに、台湾、タイ、アメリカ、ドイツ、スウェーデンに行きました。

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Student Sabrina Seltenreich
Sabrina Seltenreich
17 Japans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
I'm really enjoying my lessons with SoSo. He's really making sure that I'm getting the most out of every lesson. When I get distracted he gently gets me back on topic. He remembers things that are relevant to my life, and is patient when I fight my way through Japanese grammar. I'm looking forward to every lesson. I can recommend SoSo as a teacher to anyone that might be a bit nervous about starting to speak, or that is looking for a friendly conversation partner with fun interests.
8 mei 2024
Student Cody
111 Japans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
I've been taking lessons with SoSo for a little over a year now and he has been instrumental in the success of my Japanese learning journey. I can always count on SoSo to investigate my questions if he doesn't know the immediate answer and put deep thought into his responses. I feel comfortable that I can bring any subject or question to SoSo and get the informative and useful answer I am seeking.
9 aug. 2023
Student Justin
173 Japans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
SoSo was a great teacher, easy to understand, and helpfully providing natural vocab and grammar for my broken sentences. Looking forward to more lessons!
25 mei 2021
Student Joel Hartman
Joel Hartman
4 Japans lessen
Soso was nice and very patient even when I struggled talking.
3 mei 2024
Student Nikko
3 Japans lessen
I had a lot of fun speaking with SoSo
11 mrt. 2024
Student Justin
1 Japans les
SoSo Sensei has a very grounded and down to earth approach for teaching. He gauged my level of understanding with the Japanese language and decided on a course based on that. His resources are simple and that's what made my first lesson approachable. If you are thinking about who you should start your italki journey with, please give SoSo Sensei a try. Thank you for your time!
5 mrt. 2024
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