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let's talk with a native. :-)
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my name is Kenza, I was born and raised in France. I am interested in the arts and more particularly that of the Middle East. I am passionate about travel, which allows me to discover the civilizations around us, a great preference for ancient civilizations. I am also interested in psychology, spirituality, alternative medicine, geopolitics . it will be a pleasure to listen to you, each person has a story and I think we can learn from the other. I'm looking forward to hearing you the agenda will be updated weekly, please consider. Do not hesitate to send me a message.

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let's improve your french with a native :-)
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read / pronunciation
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package 10 lessons :-) with a native speaker
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russell stannard
11 Frans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
One of the best teachers I have worked with and I have classes in several languages. Great speed of delivery, very patient and interesting to speak with. Superb lessons
22 dec 2021
Luchina Fletcher
29 Frans lessen
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Kenza is a pleasure to meet with. She assesses my specific needs/wants and tailors the lessons accordingly. Her attitude is so welcoming and I feel so at ease. Highly recommend!!
25 nov 2021
Jesse Gearhart
7 Frans lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Always fun with Kenza! She always remembers what we talked about in previous lessons and always checks in with how things are going. I always leave our lessons learning. Thanks Kenza!
19 aug 2021
2 Frans lessen
Me gusto mucho por que es una persona paciente y se adapto a mi nivel de francés por lo que se hizo fácil comunicarme con ella a parte todo aquello que no entendía intento decírmelo en inglés o utilizar ejemplos que fueron sencillos para mi nivel.
28 nov 2023
Père François
3 Frans lessen
KenZa is a great person to converse with. She has a depth of thought that makes the lesson fly because it she is so interesting. This makes one forget the hard work of learning French.
28 nov 2023
Père François
3 Frans lessen
KenZa is easy to converse with. We had a wide-ranging discussion that made the time fly, even as she helped me along by guiding my vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. I highly recommend her. Merci!
25 nov 2023
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