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Conversation & Grammar ✨正確で自然な日本語を身につけたい方におすすめ✨
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はじめまして。日本語講師のえりです。日本で生まれ育ちました。親切で丁寧なレッスンを心がけています。初心者から上級者までレッスンしたことがあります。 🔥私の日本語について ● ネイティブスピーカーで、標準語を話します。 ● 丁寧語、口語、タメぐち、敬語が話せます。 Hello. I am Eri, a Japanese language instructor. I try to give kind and careful lessons. I have given lessons from beginner to advanced level. 🔥About my Japanese I am a native speaker of Japanese and speak standard Japanese. I can speak polite, colloquial, tameguchi, and keigo. ✨I prefer Zoom or Skype. *The italki classroom is also available, but the connection seems to be unstable sometimes. 📚Conversation classes are only available for students at A2 and above. A1 level students are kindly requested to book a grammar class.

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Keuze van de leerkracht
I only recently started using italki, so this was also my fourth lesson on the platform. As such, I'm still working on getting comfortable with online tutors and with holding a conversation in Japanese. Eri-sensei was very accommodating and encouraging from the beginning, which made talking with her much easier for me. She transcribed what I said using Google Docs and used it to help me see where I made mistakes. As someone who is more accustomed to reading Japanese than speaking it, I think this really helps me in bridging the gaps between the two. I appreciate her enthusiasm and plan to try some more lessons with her!
12 mei 2023
Michal Bartold
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Our lessons are very engaging and so much fun at the same time. Eri-sensei is very well organized and prepared. After every correct sentence I’m getting ovations which is extremely encouraging. I’ll do my best at every meeting! Maybe some small homework will help me review materials even more between sessions.
21 apr 2023
Rob Nice
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Ellie 先生 is tops! Incredibly friendly and spoke at a speed and grammar/vocab level that kept the conversation fluid while also introducing new vocab for me! She politely corrected my mistakes during our conversation and transcribed what I was saying on a Google Doc. Towards the end of the lesson we went through what was written down and Ellie 先生 provided corrections and what she felt was more natural sounding suggestions. So so helpful, interactive, and fun!
29 nov 2022
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6 jun 2023
1 Japans les
Good lesson
30 mei 2023
Phillip Lopez
1 Japans les
Booked a trial and I learned quite a bit in a 30 minute trial, very fun and informative.
24 mei 2023
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