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Niki 🌟 闽南语&汉语老师 ( Adults & Kids)🥊 Hokkien and Chinese |Learn while playing
Uit ChinaWoont in Beijing, China (12:40 UTC+08:00)
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✔ My name is Niki Lam and I am from China. I am from Quanzhou, Fujian. My mother tongue is Mandarin and Hokkien. ✔ I graduated from Northeast University. My hobbies are running and reading. ✔ I like traditional Chinese culture and chatting with others, especially chatting with children. ✔ Be responsible for students and try your best to help students learn quickly! ✔ Learning while playing! 我叫Niki,来自中国,我是福建泉州人,母语是普通话和闽南语。 毕业于东北大学,我的兴趣爱好是跑步和看书。 我喜欢中国传统文化,喜欢和别人聊天,尤其是小朋友。 对学生认真负责,尽最大努力帮助学生轻松学习! 寓教于乐!

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Student Wobby
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Keuze van de leerkracht
Lessons with Niki are fantastic. I've had many lessons with Niki now, and she has always put a lot of thought into her lessons and provided detailed slide decks with useful vocabulary, and many helpful examples, which she shares at the end of each class. She's very supportive in answering any spontaneous questions I have about Hokkien and provides detailed answers. She was open to trying out alternative formats such as scenarios/role play (e.g. asking for directions, or help if your car has broken down, etc.) Finally, she also makes lessons incredibly fun and engaging, giving opportunities to chat and discuss life in general in Hokkien, and offers a lot of encouragement even if you are struggling to find the right words. Would recommend anyone interested in learning Hokkien / Southern Min to try out lessons with Niki! :)
26 sep. 2022
Student Lee Barnes (李恩思)
Lee Barnes (李恩思)
16 Chinees (Hokkien) lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Niki is a great teacher who is willing to teach and loves teaching students. Usually our classes go over time because of her enthusiasm which is really great :) I highly recommend her to those who are learning Hokkien or Chinese (Putonghua)
1 mrt. 2022
Student Angelique
21 Chinees (Hokkien) lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
She introduced me to ancient phrases, new grammar rules and new words. She also gave me examples and further explanations whenever I wanted to dig deeper.
9 dec. 2021
Student Steph Kim
Steph Kim
2 Chinees (Mandarijn) lessen
Niki is a wonderful and engaging teacher! I look forward to doing more lessons with her and learning and improving Mandarin.
22 jul. 2024
Student 吴剑锋
5 Chinees (Hokkien) lessen
nikki is very creative on how to learn hokkien by using real life scenarios. to shia bing iu
3 jul. 2024
Student 吴剑锋
5 Chinees (Hokkien) lessen
nikki help me learn practical words I can use especially for business. very helpful
28 jun. 2024
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