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MSc/BEd/Certified Professional Int Lang Teacher/Verified Orator/Bilingual Translator with 11+yrs exp
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Hi everyone. I am Rashmi, a recent addition to the iTalki family, a TEFL/TESOL certified teacher, born and brought up in Maharashtra & Kerala, a native Hindi & Malayalam speaker. Post-graduate in Maths (Mumbai University) & English (Calicut University). I have State, National & International Certifications & curriculum expertise and excellent tech skills to teach creatively with passion, competence and patience. I make myself accessible to cater to their needs by creating a personalized learning environment understanding the student’s cultural background, and creating a genuine relationship with students. Click READ MORE to know more about me as a Teacher & my lessons & teaching style👉

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5 lessons Daily Life Communications with Friends and Family in Hindi
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10 lessons Daily Life Communications with Friends and Family in Hindi
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Student Dan Melnick
Dan Melnick
13 Malayalam lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
Reshmi is an excellent teacher who takes care to understand the needs and level of students. She uses an advanced approach that is sensitive to the differences between formal and everyday language and she goes out of her way to clearly explain how Malayalam works. Her approach to this difficult language is designed to overcome the problems faced by non-native speakers of the language, in particular, focusing on the correct pronunciation of new sounds and the need to understand how the language is actually spoken and used.
25 feb. 2022
Student Deepa
21 Malayalam lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
My lesson with Reshmi was great, she is very positive and intuitive as a teacher, and takes time to talk through concepts. I last learned beginners Malayalam as a child, and the lessons encouraged rote learning. I'm looking forward to learning more about conversational Malayalam which will help me in the long-term!
8 jan. 2022
Student Joe
12 Malayalam lessen
Keuze van de leerkracht
For context: I am an American born Malayali. I have decent listening ability, poor speaking ability, and only basic reading and writing skills that I learned recently. I have been trying to learn Malayalam on and off for the past few years and found it very difficult caused by a lack of educational resources. I started learning with Reshmi and wow, big difference. She teaches me with a university level textbook written by an American professor so it is a very manageable mix of Malayalam practice and English explanation. There are so many explanations in here of grammatical quirks that get me speaking colloquial Malayalam. For years, I have been making pronunciation errors that Reshmi has cleared up. Now I am having conversations with my parents in Malayalam and working my way up to reading paragraphs. If you have the basics down and are willing to work, I highly recommend you choose Reshmi as your teacher.
8 sep. 2021
Student Srikanth
1 Malayalam les
She sounded very knowledgeable and easy to talk. Explained the course details very well.
13 mrt. 2024
Student Pushpahas Patankar
Pushpahas Patankar
1 Malayalam les
It was good demo lesson.
12 feb. 2024
Student Dale Reinke
Dale Reinke
2 Malayalam lessen
Obviously Reshmi is one of the top rated teachers for a reason. Reshmi gently dismantled everything I thought I knew about how to learn a new language and methodically explained how and why we should proceed in a different format. Everything she said made total sense after she spent as much time as I needed to understand what she was telling me. I am looking forward to our next lesson!! Thanks Reshmi!!
29 nov. 2023
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