Did you know that on italki you can search for your perfect teacher based on very specific characteristics? It's true! All you need to do is type what you need in the search box. For example, if you already know the name of your teacher, you can look it up using the search box! You can also search for a teacher's skills, hobbies, or career. Want to find a teacher who loves anime? Type it into the search box! Looking for a teacher who loves to travel? Put travel into the search box, and you'll find a list of teachers who match. Pretty amazing right? Go on the Teacher Search and give it a try! Your perfect match might be just one search away! 📒 Community Event Rules 👨 Find Your Perfect Match
11 kwi 2022 07:29
Komentarze · 4
Perhaps I should include what I like in my teacher introduction too, in that case :)
12 kwietnia 2022
Looking for DELE (Spanish) c1 preparation help
28 kwietnia 2022