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An English learner vs English articles (again) Hello italki community, Could you please help me with a tricky article (it's from the book - The Dead Mountaineer's Inn, chapter 1). "It was all completely how Zgut had told me it would be. Only I couldn’t see a(*) dog anywhere". So a man (a police inspector) arrives to the hotel that his co-worker(Zgut) recommended and described to him. He finds everything exactly as Zgut told him - the owner, the inn, the valley etc, but he could not see A dog, but why A dog? why not THE dog? It's true that the reader doesn't know anything about this dog, this is the first mention of this dog in the book, but the inspector knows about it, and he knows that there is one special dog somewhere, he looks to find it, how he can say - I couldn't see A dog anywhere? He should have said - I couldn't see THE dog anywhere, that special dog that Zgut had told me about. Or maybe in this situation both articles a and the are good? Thank you.
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