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I have a question about the verb "unwind". Do you use this word in a normal conversation? And is there any difference between "to relax" and "to unwind" "I am reading a book to unwind " Thanks in advance for the answer!
10 cze 2024 07:10
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It is used colloquially in the way you suggest, usually in the context that you have been under pressure, stress, from work or for other reasons. You take a break and do something relaxing to unwind. The literal meaning refers to a spring in a clock, or string, rope, etc being wound or unwound from a bobbin, capstan, etc; when wound there is tension in the spring or rope, which is released when it is unwound.
10 cze 2024 09:28
It’s common in American English with that meaning. I’d say it suggests a tense starting point more strongly than ‘relax’, and the stress is often mental. I had a long day of physically hard work. I just want to relax tonight. I know things are stressful at work when she unwinds with a glass of wine Friday evening. It can also be used transitively: The cord is wound up. We need to unwind it before we continue. (Common) That’s a complicated story. Let’s unwind it. (Break it down, analyze it step by step. Less common)
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10 cze 2024 10:01
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