Hello Future Me, I hope the last five years have treated you well. I hope to hear that you start speaking Hebrew the second you touch down in Israel, and that you have no more qualms about conversing with the different people you encounter. Ordering falafel will be second nature, you no longer have to think and think of what each topping is. Need directions? You won’t have to ask them to repeat it in English. How exciting to understand many of conversations around you! I expect that you have already tried tackling some of our favorite novels in Hebrew, keep at it. We’ll understand that difficult vocabulary eventually. Maybe you’ll even be able to converse with your little siblings in Hebrew. Even if studying languages is mostly a side hobby for me, putting in even a little time and effort consistently over years will lead to wonderful results. I’m looking forward to my future more linguistic self :)
19 sie 2022 17:41
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Thanks for sharing, Natasha. I like your letter and it has given me some inspiration for my own. I hope you will make progress linguistically especially! :)
22 sierpnia 2022
Wonderful wishes!
4 maj 2023 16:16
19 lut 2023 08:52