suellen fontes
I love learning English at Italki, I am very happy to be able to meet new people, who want to teach and share their knowledge. It's a great opportunity to improve myself and my language skills. I am very grateful for this app. Thank you Italki!!!
27 lip 2022 23:12
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Hello Suellen👋I'm Ayesha. I would love to help you learn English 😊 I can create personalized lessons for you based on your needs to help you practice and improve your English, let me know, it would be great too meet you🌈
21 października 2022
Your English is very good. Good job, Suellen. 👏🏻😌
11 sierpnia 2022
Hi!if you learn Japanese,I would help you:)
10 sierpnia 2022
Do you want to learn chinese?I'm very happy help you
6 sierpnia 2022
5 sierpnia 2022
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