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Let's talk a lot of Japanese that you know in a relaxing class!
Z: JaponiaMiejsce zamieszkania: Niigata, Japonia (18:28 UTC+09:00)
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Nauczyciel italki od 10 Feb 2022
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I'm Keisuke. I live in Niigata, Japan. I'm 44 years old. There are four people in my family. My hobby is cooking. I want to eat famous dishes from all over the world. But traveling costs money, so I make my own and eat it. I've been a nerd since I was a kid and know Japanese anime, dramas, movies and music well. You don't have to be nervous if you're not confident in conversing in Japanese. Also, you don't have to be afraid because I aim for a class where you can relax and study at the same time. In addition, I’ll do my best to provide support in the conversation. So let's have fun talking together.

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Ukończone lekcje: 105
USD 8.00+
リラックス会話練習 ☆☆Relaxing Conversation Training☆☆
A2 -  C1


Ukończone lekcje: 684
USD 12.00+
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JLPTの練習問題 ☆☆JLPT exercises☆☆
A1 -  B2

Przygotowanie do testu

Ukończone lekcje: 280
USD 12.00+
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ゆっくり日本語会話 初心者向けフレーズトーク ☆☆Slow Japanese conversation (phrase talk for beginners)☆☆
A1 -  A2


Ukończone lekcje: 151
USD 12.00+
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日本の会社で働きたいと考えている人へのアドバイス ☆☆This lesson is advice for anyone who wants to work for a Japan company.☆☆
B1 -  C2


Ukończone lekcje: 12
USD 12.00+
旅行しているとき、日本人に話しかけるやり方 ☆☆How to talk to Japan person when you are traveling.☆☆
A2 -  C2


Ukończone lekcje: 13
USD 12.00+
10回レッスンコース ☆☆ 10 lesson courses ☆☆
A2 -  C2


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USD 12.00+
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283 opinie/i

Uczeń Toon Van Dooren
Toon Van Dooren
5 lekcje/i japoński
Wybór nauczyciela
Another useful and enjoyable lesson. At my request, after some free talk we did N2 grammar, vocabulary and kanji exercises together and sensei provided feedback and corrected mistakes. Grammar homework was provided to go over next lesson. The lessons are tailored to fit the needs and requests of the student which is very helpful. 今日もありがとうございました。
28 kwi 2024
Uczeń Caleb
20 lekcje/i japoński
Wybór nauczyciela
I took lessons to study for the JLPT. My worst skill in Japanese was listening, but with Keisuke-sensei's help, I was able to pass the N3! He's very patient and encourages me to speak, and now I've gotten to the point I can speak much more in Japanese.
27 sty 2024
Uczeń Cyriaque
52 lekcje/i japoński
Wybór nauczyciela
I love Keisuke-san classes ! I always feel good afterwards. I can learn about japanese and he smoothly corrects my mistakes. I really enjoy the files and exercices he sends in between classes to practice. Keisuke-san knows a lot about Japan culture (obviously) as well as Japanese subcultures like Anime. I always get recommandations of stuff to check out. I really recommend his class !
5 wrz 2023
Uczeń DubyakWill
40 lekcje/i japoński
Truly exceptional sensei. Always cheerful and supportive; extraordinarily patient. My journey to Japanese has been a long (very long) one, but I finally feel like I am “getting it”. I cannot recommend him enough. A great teacher and truly outstanding human being. Always a pleasure.
17 maj 2024
Uczeń Cyriaque
52 lekcje/i japoński
ありがとうございました。とても楽しかったです。 Keisuke-san is one the best teachers I have ever had. First of all, he is a very nice and a very positive person. Then he is very supportive. Recently I have not practiced speaking Japanese much and I felt very rusty. Still, he was very supportive. He is very knowledgeable about a lot of topics, especially the sub-cultures of Japan, so you'll always learn something new. I also like when he shares photos he took while walking around his town, it's very precious. ありがとうございました。🙏
15 maj 2024
Uczeń Jon
1 lekcja japoński
Good teacher
9 maj 2024
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