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I’m going to talk a little bit about myself so you can get to know me. I’d like to tell you a little about my hobbies because I have some interesting ones. I really love reading! I read a lot every day, most of the time about linguistics! I enjoy novels, poetry, comics, websites and science I do what most of the people do, I guess, like watching Online services like Netflix or Amazon. I use them to improve my English and have a good time too. Lastly, I would like to say that I love social media. I have Spanish teaching accounts on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Look for them as Spanish from Spain and have a good time.

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516 opinie/i

Uczeń Rachel
2 lekcje/i hiszpański
Wybór nauczyciela
Great teacher! Spoke to me in Spanish 90% of the time which is difficult but needed. He progressed naturally through the conversation and didn't make me feel stupid for not knowing more. THanks Reyes!
23 sie 2017
Uczeń Bill Hansford
Bill Hansford
4 lekcje/i hiszpański
Wybór nauczyciela
Reyes and I reviewed grammar points and focused on the various uses of subjective. He really knows his grammar and theory and has the impressive ability of being able to explain the same concept or review the same topic via various examples and angles. I would recommend Reyes for conversation but also certainly for a more "technical" review of Spanish. His classes are outstanding (and don't miss his youtube videos!).
13 sie 2017
Uczeń David
2 lekcje/i hiszpański
Wybór nauczyciela
Excellent class. It's obvious that Reyes has a lot of experience and easily got me talking and experimenting with my Spanish. 100% recommended
18 lip 2017
Uczeń Andy
17 lekcje/i hiszpański
I always look forward to my Spanish lesson. I study in the week away from Reyes but this one hour is always great value and really tests me/keeps me moving well. Tonight it was some free conversations, the week just gone etc, and then into some materials around the preterite. (a past tense form). Very enjoyable, 'me gusta Espanol! ' Gracias Andy
26 cze 2024
Uczeń Andy
17 lekcje/i hiszpański
Just back from a few days in Mijas, Spain where I was able to use some of my recent learnings from Reyes, and starting to feel more confident that I can at least ''get by'' now speaking basic Spanish and/or for basic conversations. Tonight, we did some free speech/catch up chatting and then some exercises around salutations (both formal and informal) - really useful and the hour whizzed by. As always, Reyes is highly recommended. Thanks Andy
18 cze 2024
Uczeń Andy
17 lekcje/i hiszpański
Once again, a great lesson with Reyes and whilst I always enjoy the sessions, this one was particularly enjoyable and rewarding. A mix of free conversation initially - led by me being off to Spain next week !! And then a mix of reading, speaking and comprehension which challenged me but I felt I have been making progess. As always, highly recommended! Andy
5 cze 2024
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