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Job Interview Preparation| Business English Communication| Helping You Get 9.0 in IELTS Speaking
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Hi, I am Anatoly, the top 1% of all English Teachers on Italki in 2022! I help adults learners get: 1) Confident when communicating 2) Think &Speak instead of learn& memorize. Over 17 thousand students from 62 countries said one thing to me over the years: Anatoly, you know me…Your questions – I’ve never thought this way before …You’ve changed my world…I have more faith in myself…I can succeed now…You’ve opened a new world to me.. The goals I help my clients to achieve are: 1.Job interview prep. 2.IELTS speaking test 3.Business English / Public speaking & Presentation Preparation Say goodbye to language barriers with my tailor made solutions today by joining my private classes now.

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Job Interview Preparation, Career Development,Linkedin & Resume Review.
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x10 Your IELTS Speaking Performance! Band 8-9 is possible!!!
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Uczeń Joy
11 lekcje/i angielski
Wybór nauczyciela
I’ve gotten the job twice as the result of Anatoly's help in a matter of few sessions with him!!! I am a corporate lawyer and I needed his assistance to be prepared for different rounds of interviews. As you can see my previous testimonial on his page – we did a great job together with him in the first round of interviews. Now, I am eager and excited to tell that I am starting a new job in an American company through his help! This is exciiiitiiiing!!!!! Anatoly, thanks again for your coaching and support. My teachability helped me massively to accept your ideas and teachings which in turn helped me to get the job!
10 lis 2023
Uczeń Eva Xiao
Eva Xiao
10 lekcje/i angielski
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1 mar 2023
Uczeń Irena Nikolova
Irena Nikolova
57 lekcje/i angielski
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In our classes Anatoly gave me more than just business English training. He not only taught me to negotiate but also taught me the psychology of communication plus how to make my partner feel important! Before the meeting my stress levels were high as I never went abroad for a business meeting ( and I am a girl !)... and it was a meeting in English! ( which is a foreign language to me of course). Anatoly changed the way I looked at the upcoming event “from a business meeting” to a “discovery meeting” - where I simply had to greet and talk to the person without being afraid. That made me extremely calm and it was the turning point for me - I felt confident and ready to succeed!
28 lut 2023
Uczeń Slava
46 lekcje/i angielski
Мне нравится учить английский с Анатолием , мы не учим словарь, грамматику, правила, обучение проходит в режиме обсуждения разных тем, событий, историй из жизни и ты очень быстро и легко начинаешь говорить и понимать что тебе говорят, причем происходит это как-то само по себе, без напряжения и нудной зубрежки, и каждый урок проходит незаметно и очень интересно, всем рекомендую, спасибо Анатолий!
18 lip 2024
Uczeń Max Terbov
Max Terbov
1 lekcja angielski
Анатолий провел очень хороший первый урок. Мне нравится форма подачи, уровень английского и манера общения. Я несомненно буду продолжать занятия
4 lip 2024
Uczeń Alba
12 lekcje/i angielski
I enjoyed taking business English lessons with Atan, which was an outstanding experience. His deep understanding of the English language and the intricacies of business communication, combined with his life experience, made the lessons incredibly practical and relevant.
2 lip 2024
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