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Profesora de Español, con mas de 6 años de experiencia.
Z: WenezuelaMiejsce zamieszkania: Maracaibo, Wenezuela (20:09 UTC-04:00)
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Venezolana. Soy una profesora universitaria y tengo 7 años enseñando español en Linea. Como son mis lecciones? Voy a evaluar tu nivel, identificare tus debilidades y luego preparare lecciones adaptadas a tus necesidades. Gramática, conversación, pronunciación, comprensión. Conexión de Internet muy rápida.

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William Romero
40 lekcje/i hiszpański
Wybór nauczyciela
Lorimar is an outstanding educator who demonstrates remarkable professionalism, expertise, compassion, and support. I am thrilled to have her as my Spanish teacher. Her exceptional qualities make her an ideal mentor for language learning, and I am confident that she will greatly enrich my educational journey.
2 sie 2023
1 lekcja hiszpański
Wybór nauczyciela
I enjoyed my lesson with Lorimar. As an intermediate learner, I felt that her Spanish was very easy for me to understand. She gave me some very useful recommendations that I can use going forward in my Spanish learning.
5 lip 2023
31 lekcje/i hiszpański
Wybór nauczyciela
This is my first lesson ever in Spanish other than alone using an app on my phone. I was nervous about speaking before we started but Lorimar made the lesson fun and comfortable. She is very patient and friendly and took things at a pace that was right for me. Since this was our trial lesson I didn't get a chance to see what her homework will be like, but if it's as well organized as she was in our lesson I'm sure it will be very helpful. I look forward to becoming more proficient in Spanish with her help and am scheduling future lessons soon!
7 cze 2023
Vasu Chari
20 lekcje/i hiszpański
I have been learning Spanish from Lori for several months now. I have an Upper Intermediate/Advanced level of understanding Spanish. These lessons are purely conversation focused so I can build confidence, think in Spanish, and expand my vocabulary. Often, she asks me to watch a 1-3 min Youtube video and then we discuss the theme - the focus is on discussing abstract notions which are harder than discussing specific events. I continue to be impressed by how well-read and well-informed Lori is. Our discussions often cover current issues, the economies and culture of various countries, etc. I look forward to the conversation every week.
29 lis 2023
2 lekcje/i hiszpański
Excellent first trial lesson! I can't wait to start learning Spanish with Lorimar.
23 lis 2023
174 lekcje/i hiszpański
20 lis 2023
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