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chiński (mandaryński)
Certified Professional Teacher from Spain, teaching from 2002
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✅Enthusiastic teacher and language learner ✅ 19 years teaching Spanish, including 4 at Penn State University ✅ Fluent in English ✅ BA in Spanish ✅ Graduate Certificate in Spanish Teaching to Adults. Not feeling confident? See my profile for more. I am a dreamy soul who loves sunsets on the beach, nature, traveling and hugging animals until my clothes are full of hair. Music has guided my life in both my languages - Spanish and English. When I was a child, it was music in Spanish that made me passionate about the different accents of Spanish from around the world. And it was music in English that gave me the dream of becoming fluent in English at some point. HOLIDAYS 24th July-6th August 2023

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Spanish all levels + homework (speaking, listening, grammar, writing, slang & cultural information - do and don'ts)
A1 -  C2


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Spanish all levels (speaking, listening, grammar, writing, slang & cultural information - do and don'ts)
A1 -  C2


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Free Talk Session
B1 -  C2


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Joe Southerland
251 lekcje/i hiszpański
Wybór nauczyciela
I have been doing lessons with Carmen for almost 4 years now. That itself should be a great review.
22 gru 2021
229 lekcje/i hiszpański
Wybór nauczyciela
Carmen is an amazingly gifted teacher who always manages to explain even the most difficult topics clearly. We do lots of different activities so her lessons are never boring. Most important of all, when I’m finding things difficult, get tongue-tied and forget nearly everything I knew, she has a way of making me smile and laugh, and that’s when I really start learning.
30 maj 2019
Courtney Dezahd
262 lekcje/i hiszpański
Wybór nauczyciela
I love working with Carmen! She is very good at teaching you how to speak Spanish in a more colloquial manner, as well as teaching you phrases and expressions that are used all the time in Spanish in colloquial speech, but are rarely taught in traditional language classes.
30 sie 2017
3 lekcje/i hiszpański
Carmen is full of positive energy that produces a pleasant learning environment. I felt right at home during the first lesson with her.
23 lis 2023
Vincenzo buonamico
5 lekcje/i hiszpański
Carmen es un profe muy preparada y organizada. La classe es perfecta por lo que necesito.
7 lis 2023
1 lekcja hiszpański
I had a great time having Carmen’s class. She went above and beyond to learn what my weakness is in Spanish and provide suggestions for how to improve my Spanish.
7 lis 2023
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