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chiński (mandaryński)
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chiński (inny)
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CTCSOL, Beginner- Advanced, Conversation practice,tutoring kids, HSK, Presentation optimization
Z: ChinyMiejsce zamieszkania: Chengdu, Chiny (13:19 UTC+08:00)
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Nauczyciel italki od 30 Jun 2018
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大家好,我叫Patrick,我的母语是中文,我是一名地地道道的中国人。 我的中文名字叫石鹏,我住在成都,我希望通过italki这个平台和来自世界各地的朋友分享汉语知识,帮助中文爱好者提高他们的中文水平。 I work as a professional Chinese teacher, I teach Chinese language to local students, since I've got so many foreign friends from all over the world, it makes me wonder what would happen if I combine these two, which is to teach foreign friends Chinese. so here I am,I'll be very happy to help you with your vocabulary, pronunciation, written characters and overcome all the difficulties you've come across when learning Chinese

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Ukończone lekcje: 380
USD 12.00+
🗣🗣Conversational Class ( lesson length: 57mins /45mins/30mins, Adult Students Only)
A1 -  C2


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USD 16.50+
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⭐️⭐️ Special Price for long term learning plan (discounted price for package, Adult Students Only)
A1 -  C2


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USD 16.50+
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🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️Customized lessons (lesson length: 57mins /45mins/30mins, Adult Students Only)
A1 -  C2


Ukończone lekcje: 1,856
USD 17.00+
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👦👩 kids and teenagers lesson ( lesson length: 57mins /45mins/30mins )
A1 -  C2


Ukończone lekcje: 1,683
USD 17.00+
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📖 📖 Systematic and structured lesson (lesson length: 57mins /45mins/30mins, Adult Students Only)
A1 -  B2


Ukończone lekcje: 261
USD 17.00+
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Group Class ( 1 on 2 adult students only)
A1 -  C2


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798 opinie/i

Uczeń Joel Mann | 孟坚龙
Joel Mann | 孟坚龙
21 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
Excellent teacher who really focuses on both your goals, and your interests. Patrick does an excellent job mixing in reviews with new content, and the conversation feels very natural and inclusive. In an hour lesson, I generally walk away with a lot to study, and excitement to practice for next class, which are both great things. He provides notes/commentary during the class which I have found very useful for both study and progress reference later. As others have mentioned, Patrick mixes humor into his classes, and paces them to my level. This includes days I’m tired, and often speak wrong/don’t understand quickly. He is able to push the difficulty based on where I am at on any given day, which has been super valuable given my job leaves me tired some days. I highly recommend Patrick if you have goals you are working towards in Chinese, want to be challenged, but also want a relaxed atmosphere and humorous teacher who puts a lot of effort into their lessons.
21 kwi 2024
Uczeń Alisa
467 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
My daughter won first for the Americas at the Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition held in Kunming, China. Thank you Patrick for all the hard work and patience you've put in over the years teaching her and her brothers.
14 lis 2023
Uczeń Michael Tubman
Michael Tubman
32 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
Over seven months, I worked with Patrick almost every week to supplement intensive Chinese language courses. We didn’t use a specific textbook. Instead, we mostly had work-specific conversations focused on my job requirements. Classes with Patrick offered two special benefits: 1. He very ably identified my level of speaking ability, making his speech speed and vocabulary level understandable while still challenging me to do more. Having worked with dozens of language teachers, I know this is a very rare and valuable skill. 2. He has charisma that makes talking with him engaging while covering a wide variety of subjects, including work-related topics. Hour-long courses definitely flew by. I really enjoyed my time working with Patrick, and I think our classes will contribute to my ability to live and work in China in the near future.
5 wrz 2019
Uczeń Lefteris Zabetakis
Lefteris Zabetakis
2 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Highly knowledgeable and patient. Lessons blend grammar, vocabulary, and cultural insights, making learning enjoyable and immersive.
17 lip 2024
Uczeń Ross
1 lekcja chiński (mandaryński)
Thanks. The language felt good for my level and you kept me engaged with questions even though I am very reluctant to speak :)
14 lip 2024
Uczeń James
124 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Great conversation! Thank you
14 lip 2024
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