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Your laid-back and fun Chinese teacher! :)
Z: TajwanMiejsce zamieszkania: Hsinchu, Tajwan (21:17 UTC+08:00)
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Nauczyciel italki od 22 Aug 2018
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I love learning languages. It's interesting to have a conversation with foreigners in their native language. Actually, one of my life goals is to speak more than six languages. In my spare time I also like playing the guitar and piano. My personality is quite easy-going and humorous, so it's very easy for me to make friends.

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Uczeń Lauren Petrullo
Lauren Petrullo
16 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
1000% my preferred learning style. First class was informal yet prepared! Plus it was structured around actual vocabulary I would use. Felt comfortable and challenged to practice my Chinese and expand my comprehension. I’m really looking forward to learning more with Vincent. He seems like the type of teacher that is here for your long term goals of ACTUaLLY learning Chinese to use. I didn’t feel ashamed or 尴尬 (a word I learned today!) about my beginner skills. Felt like I was learning from a friend who met me at a cafe to practice my Chinese seriously. If you’re looking for an interactive, kind teacher that will push you and teach you useful vocabulary tailored to your convos, I’m one lesson in and very happy.
5 wrz 2022
Uczeń Manuel
111 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
Again an awesome lesson with Vincent. I enjoy his proactive attitude while he paid attention to the questions I sent upfront. It didn't feel like studying, which is awesome!
18 cze 2022
Uczeń Dia✨
11 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
even though I'm a very beginner I could be able to have a small conversation with him, he helped me out really well and taught me many new vocabularies, this is a very interesting and new method to me, that he immediately tries to start speaking Chinese and makes me speak it as well he is very patient and considerate! Xiexie laoshi!
17 lis 2021
Uczeń Scottie
12 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Conversation practice with Vincent is always so much fun and very comfortable. We talk about so many different topics and he is not shy to suggest new or alternative words for things I might be saying a bit funny. Thanks again, Vincent!
23 kwi 2024
Uczeń Scottie
12 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Always lovely to practice conversation with Vincent. He is so patient and does not hesitate to type out all the words I didn't know. Can't wait for our next lesson!
12 kwi 2024
Uczeń Mark
3 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
5 kwi 2024
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