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Featuring in Dr. Geoff Lindsey's latest English pronunciation YouTube video.
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My STUDENT-TO-LESSON RATIO tells you everything you need to know about the quality of my classes. Students return because they make very clear progress. **I am usually fully booked but operate a weekly waiting list** Watch me featuring in the latest YouTube video of world-renowned linguist, Dr Geoff Lindsey. * Imagine going to England and not being asked where you’re from, because you sound so English. * Imagine the face of a Brit when you tell them you’re not British, despite sounding so. * Imagine having more speaking confidence at work because you can express yourself with a clearer accent. REAL student feedback!

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Ukończone lekcje: 212
USD 37.00+
British English: Accent & Pronunciation (55 minutes) - (NEW STUDENTS: Students commencing study with me from 19th January 2024)
A2 -  C2


Ukończone lekcje: 3,196
USD 44.15+
Pakiet z 2% zniżki
British English: Accent & Pronunciation (55 minutes) - BAND C Students Only (Students who commenced study with me between July 2023 and January 18th 2024)
A1 -  C2


Ukończone lekcje: 806
USD 41.20
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British English: Pronunciation, Diction and Vocal Expression for Aspiring Singers
A1 -  C2


Ukończone lekcje: 231
USD 45.00
Pakiet z 2% zniżki
British English: Accent & Pronunciation (55 minutes) - BAND B STUDENTS ONLY (Students who commenced study with me between June 2022 and July 2023)
A1 -  C2


Ukończone lekcje: 225
USD 38.19
Pakiet z 2% zniżki
British English: Accent & Pronunciation (55 minutes) - ** LEGACY STUDENTS ONLY**
A1 -  C2


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USD 33.50


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Uczeń Nick
49 lekcje/i angielski
Wybór nauczyciela
Should you be eager to brush up your accent, generally reduce your native one or absorb English as it's really spoken or even sung (!) - Nicky is there to help you with that regardless of your current level. I've been having classes with her for a while and can tell you, my accent(s) improved markedly by all accounts. It came somehow naturally after plateauing at the level, where it's all about subtleties. I'm sure, the magic recipe is to develop right vocal habits natives employ subconsciously. The vision to adopt! She helped me out with that a lot, being all ears yet picky. Her experience with singing coaching also plays a role here. Having music background myself, I can confirm her ability to grasp also this facet of one's voice. Should you be familiar with modern linguistics, and with such eminent figures as Dr. Geoff Lindsey in particular, you may have even seen one of his recent (November 2023) videos on YouTube, where Nicky was one of the guests. If not, do check it out!
7 gru 2023
Uczeń Val
63 lekcje/i angielski
Wybór nauczyciela
Today, a guy remarked that I sound very British, prompting me to reflect on my past year with Nicola. She is undoubtedly the finest teacher I've encountered, a professional with a clear program, vision, and understanding of her objectives. The lessons are extremely efficient. I would say that, overall, pronunciation lessons are a really good idea. You kill two birds with one stone by practicing English while learning about it. Nicky is an ideal instructor to begin this journey with.
15 lis 2023
Uczeń Justyna Bartosik
Justyna Bartosik
11 lekcje/i angielski
Wybór nauczyciela
I absolutely love having lessons with Nicky. We've only had 3 meetings together and I can already see a huge progress. But it's not only me - people around me notice it too and I keep getting compliments me on my improved accent all the time :) So obviously the lessons are very effective, but they are also full of fun! Nicky is very enegaging, enthusiastic about teaching and she provides her own materials which are great for practicing my accent throughout the week. I highly recommend to give it a go and book a trial lesson. Getting a personalised feedback will allow you to progress so much faster than if you tried to learn only from youtube videos or textbooks!
8 lut 2023
Uczeń Nistha
13 lekcje/i angielski
This was one of my best classes. The energy was super high and we did make visible progress. Thank you so much, Nicola.
20 cze 2024
Uczeń Lisa Breidenbach
Lisa Breidenbach
24 lekcje/i angielski
I have done a dozen of lessons with Nicky in the last six months now and it’s a pleasure every single time. She knows how to combine the actual learning with conversation, which is quite funny most of the time. It's fairly entertaining because you actually get to know about the culture and get an inside view of it. The materials provided are a good source to learn, especially since everything is now pre-recorded. The lesson in itself is in a relaxing environment and doesn’t quite feel like a classroom and the awkwardness that follows. I really enjoy the lessons and think Nicky is doing an amazing job
12 cze 2024
Uczeń Marie- Lyson Simard
Marie- Lyson Simard
15 lekcje/i angielski
Nicky is so patient and a great motivator. She help me so much to make my dream come true: speak like a native.
11 cze 2024
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