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Suman Thakur

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Professional Hindi Teacher with 5 Yrs Exp ll Exp to Teach Kids ll Disc % on Package booking
Z: IndieMiejsce zamieszkania: Shimla, Indie (18:30 UTC+05:30)
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Nauczyciel italki od 3 Aug 2020
Hello & Namstey From India, Firstly Thankyou for choosing me as your Hindi Teacher My name is Suman , I born and brought up in India. I am Native Hindi Speaker . I am very passionate about Teaching and always believe that Learning process should never be stop in life. If you stop learning then there is no life. So, when it comes to learning of language, it actually an amazing experience with people to connect from distant place and platform to share culture. You will be glad to know that I am well versed with Hindi and English language both so be assured about my Class. My Hobbies- Teaching, Interacting with my students and understand their behaviour and psychology .

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New Learners Hindi Beginners / Basic Hindi knowledge (Kids & Adults)
A1 -  A2


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Spoken Hindi ( Conversation)
A1 -  A2


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Hindi Course with Advance knowledge (Basic,Reading,Writing, Conversation, Grammar, Punctuation etc..)


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Uczeń Lisa Dukes
Lisa Dukes
90 lekcje/i hindi
Wybór nauczyciela
We love to study with teacher Suman. She is a highly qualified Elementary teacher and well versed in Hindi. I recommend that anyone who is interested in having their child learn Hindi, should book classes with teacher Suman. We are so stunned at the progress that Rachel is making in Hindi class and it is due to the wonderful work of this highly qualified, well-versed teacher. You will really find it quite rewarding if you book a class with her for your child. You will see a lot of wonderful results.
1 gru 2020
Uczeń Alex
17 lekcje/i hindi
Wybór nauczyciela
If you are looking for a Hindi teacher I HIGHLY recommend Suman Jee! She's so personal and I'm shocked at how much Hindi I'm learning.
16 paź 2020
Uczeń Priya
32 lekcje/i hindi
Wybór nauczyciela
I would highly recommend Suman as a Hindi teacher. She is a teacher by profession, so she is very experienced in applying appropriate teaching practices for her students. I used to take Hindi lessons for years as a child, but I have learned more in a few weeks with her as my teacher than I learned in my makeshift Hindi school as a kid. Because I do have some knowledge of Hindi, she has accelerated my lessons. However, when we first began, I got to see how she would have instructed if I had no knowledge, and it was very methodical and helpful. So she is a great teacher for complete beginners as well as those who have more experience with Hindi. Finally, she is very pleasant and funny, which makes my lessons more fun.
10 wrz 2020
Uczeń Dominique Csehill
Dominique Csehill
5 lekcje/i hindi
Suman was a really amazing teacher and I would recommend her in a heart beat. I've studied 5 languages and have done multiple classes, private lessons, self study sessions, etc. and I can say that her approach for learning a new language from scratch is on the head. The first thing she asks you is how you learn and immediately adjusts her teaching style to that. Out of the first lesson she made it clear the direction we would be taking and ensuring she understood what I wanted out of the class, multiple times in the class referencing my goals and how we were taking steps to achieve my specific goal. If you want to learn Hindi I would highly recommend starting here
17 maj 2023
Uczeń Meli
3 lekcje/i hindi
I am so grateful to have found such an amazing human being to teach me hidi, show me her culture and be part of my life. Thank you so much, Sumam jee
13 mar 2023
Uczeń Meli
3 lekcje/i hindi
She's not just a teacher. In just one hour she gave me so much more. She listens and opens up to you in a way that allows her to really see you. To understand who you are, why you came her way and what she can do for you. I didn't find just a teacher, I found a guide. Thank you Suman jee
7 mar 2023
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