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Italian, friendly tutor, with about 2000 classes given
Z: WłochyMiejsce zamieszkania: Venice, Włochy (04:07 UTC+02:00)
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Nauczyciel italki od 28 Jul 2020
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I am a native speaker of Italian, and after having lived for three years in the Philippines and in Australia for two years, I am now again in Italy. I was lucky because I have have had the chance to traveled to over 50 countries. Thanks to these travels I’ve learned to be very flexible and open minded. But most importantly, I can now say I have friends from all over the world! In addition to my travels, my hobbies include reading, playing sports, and writing. My students tell my I am very friendly and personable. I look forward to meeting you, and helping you achieve your goals as a learner of a new language. Or if you already are a proficient speaker, we can keep you in practice :-)

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476 opinie/i

Uczeń Richard Fourzon
Richard Fourzon
81 lekcje/i włoski
Wybór nauczyciela
Fantastico tutoraggio, divertente, rilassato e incoraggiante. Altamente raccomandato!
24 lut 2023
Uczeń Charlene Jeter
Charlene Jeter
166 lekcje/i włoski
Wybór nauczyciela
Alessandro is a Fantastic Italian Teacher. He has helped me improve my Italian for over a year now, and I can now speak conversationally naturally. At the end of each lesson, we review vocabulary and phrases that helps build my understanding of the language. Overall, Alessandro is my top recommendation for an iTalki professor.
26 gru 2021
Uczeń Mike Schum
Mike Schum
69 lekcje/i włoski
Wybór nauczyciela
Another great lesson is completed. If you're considering an Italian teacher, you will do well to select Alessandro. First, his English is VERY good. Plus he understands the challenges of teaching Italian to a native speaker of English. He knows more about English grammar than I do, but his gift here is helping me to understand how to apply my natural use of English grammar with Italian grammar usage. He works very hard to make it as simple as possible. Secondly, he is just so very personable, and the time flies by when working with him.
23 mar 2021
Uczeń Warren Ward
Warren Ward
6 lekcje/i włoski
Another great lesson, I was feeling a bit worn out before the lesson but Alessandro was so very patient with me and coaxed me along.
26 maj 2024
Uczeń Warren Ward
Warren Ward
6 lekcje/i włoski
Another great lesson with Alessandro. He is a wonderful teacher who is able to get the best out of me without any feeling of undue pressure so that it just feels natural. I’m really enjoying my lessons and look forward to the next.
12 maj 2024
Uczeń Warren Ward
Warren Ward
6 lekcje/i włoski
Another great lesson with Alessandro, I’m always amazed at how quickly the time passes yet how we manage to cover so many topics. With Alessandro I feel relaxed enough to just speak knowing that I will make mistakes but not feeling self conscious about it. I think that it’s important to have a strong bond between student and teacher so that confidence is allowed to build especially when learning a language.
3 maj 2024
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