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\NEW STUDENTS WELCOME⛄️/Relaxed and casual lesson :)
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Feel free to text me! Hello, everyone! My name is Elly! ・Live : Tokyo 東京🗼 ・Originally from : Kumamoto 熊本 🐻 ( Kyushu, southern Japan ) ・Focus on : Speaking (Communication) 会話🗣, Grammar ・Lesson style : relaxed and casual リラックスでカジュアル ・I don't have lessons for kids. 子供のレッスンはありません🙅‍♀️ ・Work experience : Japanese language school, some companies ( free magazine, travel agency, etc..) 日本語学校や日本の会社 ・English : learned in Gold Coast, Australia 🐨 ・Traveling : Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, Hawaii, Singapore, Korea, HongKong, Australia, and Taiwan! ・Hobbies : Netflix, Swimming, Eating,Traveling

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🗣CONVERSATION - 会話 - かいわ -
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Uczeń Melissa chen
Melissa chen
17 lekcje/i japoński
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I've been taking this class with Elly-san for the past few months with a friend, and she has been very nice and accommodating about doing a group class together since the beginning. She's always on time and her lessons are also pretty well structured. While we are going through the Genki textbook, she also has her own slides to help us review specific notes. She goes at our pace and reviews patiently with us whenever we have a hard time trying to remember something. I appreciate that she's friendly on a personal level and tries to incorporate everyday life into our conversations. I'm learning at a good pace thanks to Elly-san and I appreciate the lessons we've had so far.
24 sie 2023
Uczeń noelie
112 lekcje/i japoński
Wybór nauczyciela
Elly is such a great teacher ! She is always patient and well organised. She keeps me interested in learning Japanese. I started from scratch with her, I passed the JLPT exam thanks to her, and now I keep progressing, so I recommend her highly if you are a beginner or if you want to improve your Japanese in a professional and fun way 😊
10 lip 2023
Uczeń Athena
200 lekcje/i japoński
Wybór nauczyciela
Elly is a such a perceptive and knowledgable teacher. She always knows exactly where I am struggling and what it will take for me to make sense of a concept. After working with her for over a year now and am getting into some complex grammar and concepts in the intermediate level, I appreciate her teaching skills more than ever!
2 wrz 2022
Uczeń Will ウィル
Will ウィル
1 lekcja japoński
ELLY先生のレッスンプランは、何年も日本語を話していない私にとって役に立ちます。 次回もよろしくお願いします。
15 lut 2024
Uczeń noelie
112 lekcje/i japoński
As always, Elly is an amazing teacher. If you like Japan and want to learn Japanese, she will make it easy to understand with practice and exercise. She is very kind, patient, and funny, so lessons will always be fun. I highly recommend her !
9 lut 2024
Uczeń coreymillar
10 lekcje/i japoński
Elly 先生 is very patient with me, I make lots of mistakes and she helps me learn from them.
28 gru 2023
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