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Yash R

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Hindi tutor since 2019
Z: IndieMiejsce zamieszkania: Delhi, Indie (14:44 UTC+05:30)
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Namaste! I am Yash, a native Hindi speaker and online Hindi tutor. Through my lessons I will put my efforts to take you from "Namaste" or "Hello" to a fluent speaker. Also I will try to make our lessons enjoyable! See you at our lesson... नमस्ते! मैं यश हूं, एक देशी हिंदी वक्ता और हिंदी ऑनलाइन शिक्षक। अपने पाठों के माध्यम से मैं आपको "नमस्ते" या "हैलो" से एक धाराप्रवाह वक्ता तक ले जाने के लिए अपना प्रयास करूंगा। साथ ही मैं अपने पाठों को मनोरंजक बनाने का प्रयास करूँगा! हमारे पाठ में मिलते हैं...

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Uczeń Antonia Knight
Antonia Knight
60 lekcje/i hindi
Wybór nauczyciela
I’ve told yash almost every time we’ve had class together that he is a really good teacher, by now it should sink into his head 😁 he should make teaching hindi a full time career because he is so good at it 😄
1 lis 2022
Uczeń Patricia D
Patricia D
94 lekcje/i hindi
Wybór nauczyciela
I'm very grateful to be learning with Yash. He's helping me learn proper pronunciation and the basics of Hindi conversation. Yash takes his time to explain and demonstrate the subtle sounds. This is important, as we don't have some of those sounds in English. After just one lesson, I can see that he is patient, yet he'll force me to speak more. I'm looking forward to the next lesson. Dhanyavaad! (^_^)
31 gru 2021
Uczeń Maureen
11 lekcje/i hindi
Wybór nauczyciela
Great lesson. I spoke mostly in Hindi thanks to Yash.
19 gru 2021
Uczeń carlos_scudr
1 lekcja hindi
Dhanyavaad Yash ke liye! Thanks for the grammar explanation and for doing some hindi conversation :) I'm looking forward to having our next lesson :)
19 lis 2023
Uczeń Patricia D
Patricia D
94 lekcje/i hindi
Yash has been an outstanding guide on my journey into the beautiful language of Hindi. His teaching methods are innovative and he’s continuously developing in his professionalism.
4 lis 2023
Uczeń Patricia D
Patricia D
94 lekcje/i hindi
Yash shikshak adbhut hai 🤩…aur vo mera bhai jaise hain. Mai Hindi seekh rahi hoon … aur Bharat mein jeevan ke bare mai seekh rahi hun. Har klaas accha hai Yash is an awesome teacher, and he’s just like a brother (I never had). I’m learning Hindi and learning about life in India. Every class is good!
2 wrz 2023
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