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Hello ! My name is S Khanum . I am Certified , experienced online Hindi language tutor . I speak fluently English,Hindi,and some other languages. Hindi is my mother tongue and I am grown up with smell and flavor of Indian Culture. Apart from teaching I am interested in traveling, making friends & learning about different cultures of the world.

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172 opinie/i

Uczeń Zin Y
Zin Y
32 lekcje/i hindi
Wybór nauczyciela
As usual, a really good session! She is patient, she teaches the materials well and understands the students!
13 gru 2021
Uczeń jmack2727
11 lekcje/i hindi
Wybór nauczyciela
Ames the time to explain all the little grammatical rules that are difficult in hindi. Outstanding teacher!
5 gru 2021
Uczeń Zin Y
Zin Y
32 lekcje/i hindi
Wybór nauczyciela
The teacher's methods are really good. She explains the lesson very clearly and she also exposed the tricks we can use in order to remember the tools of Hindi.
12 lis 2021
Uczeń Cynthia
33 lekcje/i hindi
So happy to see Sabia today and catch up on all her news! We had an excellent lesson as always and I am looking forward to our next meeting!
20 mar 2024
Uczeń Erika
5 lekcje/i hindi
Sabia is SO great! She is super patient and is VERY knowledgable in how to help with pronounciation. I am American, and Hindi words are dificult for me. She speaks English and is able to give me example of words in English that help me make the correct sounds in Hindi. For example ye is prounced like the first two letters of yell. She had lots of examples like that so I can actually pronounce words correctly. (After she repeated them for me so many times--like I said, super patient). Thank you for such a helpful lesson!
15 lis 2023
Uczeń Fabián
44 lekcje/i hindi
I had a great and productive lesson with S Khanum. She guided me to have more and more conversations in Hindi, I can see the improvement and an increased confidence in my speaking skills. Thansk, S Khanum! See you soon!
19 cze 2023
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