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✨Beginner to Advanced 🌈Conversational Chinese or Customized lessons✨
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Hello, everyone. I'm Grace. 😁😁 ✅Certified teacher ✅Mandarin native speaker. ✅Experienced teacher. (More than 5+ years) ✅Fluent English. ✅Excellent feedbacks from students. ✅Finished more than 4000 online classes. ✅Flexible time schedule. ✅Inspiring teacher to keep your enthusiasm for learning. ✅Focusing on individual student's strength and requirements. 🌸🌸Language learning will be very fun . Thank you for choosing me as your Chinese. Let 's begin our Chinese journey.

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Mohamed Shaat
24 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
I had the pleasure of studying with Grace as my online Chinese teacher for 1 hour. I cannot recommend Grace enough for anyone looking to learn Mandarin. From the moment I started my first lesson with Grace, I knew that I had made the right choice. Grace is an exceptional teacher with a passion for teaching Chinese to non-native speakers. Her teaching style is very student-centered, which means that they take the time to get to know their students and tailor their lessons to their individual needs. She is patient, kind, and always willing to go the extra mile to help their students succeed. One thing I particularly appreciated about Grace is her ability to explain complex Chinese grammar concepts in a way that is easy to understand. She is great at breaking down difficult topics into manageable pieces, which helped me to understand the language more effectively. Her lessons were always well-prepared, and she provided me with a lot of useful materials to practice with outside of class.
10 kwi 2023
39 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
Grace was the first language teacher I've had since high school, and she was awesome! Her lessons were very understandable, at my level, encouraging, and really made me want to study and practice more. She jumped right in and fit A LOT of content in a very small amount of time. She clearly customized things to where I am now, and she made the lesson really low pressure and interesting. I highly recommend her as a language teacher.
23 lut 2022
Libby Rose
88 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
I wish there was an option to give more than 5 stars. Without Grace I probably would have stopped learning Chinese a long time ago, but now I look forward to it every week! I have had so much fun in class and I feel as though my understanding of grammar and sentence structure is ready to take off! Thank you Grace for another wonderful class! If you are looking to have a reliable, friendly and passionate teacher then I would 100% recommend Grace!
1 paź 2021
Jordan Moon
37 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
老师, 非常感谢您今天的教课。您的教学方法非常高效和有趣,让我对中文产生了更多的兴趣和理解。您每一个细节的解释都让我受益匪浅,您的耐心和专业知识使得学习过程变得愉快且富有成效。您的教学风格真的非常吸引人,您不仅传授了知识,而且激发了我对中文的热爱。每一堂课您都准备得非常充分,为我们解答了许多疑惑,让我感受到了中文的美丽和丰富。您的鼓励和支持让我更有信心继续努力学习。您所做的所有努力都让我感到非常温馨和愉快,您的教课是我一天中最期待的时光。真心感谢您的辛勤付出和无私奉献,您是我学习道路上的重要导师。您的教课不仅仅是知识的传递,更是对我们未来学习道路的指引。每次课后,我都会思考很多,感受到了学习的喜悦和成就感。非常期待下一次的课程,再次感谢您为我们付出的时间和努力。每一堂课都让我感觉自己在不断进步,非常期待能够在您的指导下,继续加深对中文的理解和热爱。
2 paź 2023
41 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Such an amazing teacher, Everything Teacher Grace recommends is amazing 💯 Looking forward to more classes 💗
1 paź 2023
2 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
I really enjoy lessons with Grace. She is very knowledgeable, explains different concepts with ease and is truly passionate about teaching Chinese. The classes are fun and engaging, and I found the notes that Grace sends after each class to be extremely useful. Grace 是非常好的老师
1 paź 2023
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