nauczyciel chiński (mandaryński) Shirley Guo|Bonjour

Shirley Guo|Bonjour

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chiński (mandaryński)
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Mandarin certificate|I can help you as much as i can
Z: ChinyMiejsce zamieszkania: Xi'an, Chiny (10:58 UTC+08:00)
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Nauczyciel italki od 30 Jul 2021
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🌴Name: Shirly 🌴Hobbies: climbing, traveling, hiking,reading 🎄Choose a lesson package to get an extra 10 minutes of practice per lesson i am also an english and french tour guide in xi'an,if u want to travel here,pls free connect with me. ❤If you want to chat, travel, study, and work like a Chinese, and want to pass the HSK test, then come and join our first trial class~

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Basic Oral Conversation Practice
A1 -  C2


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USD 6.00+
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Exam Preparation(HSK,HSKK)
A1 -  C1


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just for Cherry
A1 -  C2


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USD 7.00+
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Uczeń Daniel
31 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
Shirly is a wonderful teacher, I have been learning with her for more than one year, and I always have fun in our sessions, she is an active, wise, and fun teacher. Her classes are so fun and full of interesting conversations. I felt like having meetings with my best friend!! Completly recommended!
4 lut 2023
Uczeń Cherry Novalia
Cherry Novalia
165 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
Shirly is very kind, patient and good in teaching according to your needs. I would really recommend Shirly to be your Italki teacher! Cant' wait for the next class!
23 wrz 2022
Uczeń Mark Ruckthongsuk
Mark Ruckthongsuk
32 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
Shirly is very supportive and patient. I really enjoy the class. We talked about so many things and the conversation was very interesting! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their Chinese. I’m looking forward to my next class with her
18 wrz 2021
Uczeń Muhammad
1 lekcja chiński (mandaryński)
I like the class so much, Shirley really helped me to remember a lot of the words that I forgot. I liked the lesson so much and surly I am looking for more and more lessons. Patient, calm and creative teacher>>>>> highly recommended.
3 cze 2024
Uczeń Hobbe Liljevall
Hobbe Liljevall
4 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
I just had my first class with Shirley. She was a perfect combination of patient and energetic, and I am much looking forward to continuing my language journey with Shirley. Can nothing but recommend her as a teacher!
3 cze 2024
Uczeń Nali
1 lekcja chiński (mandaryński)
Shirley was a great teacher! I had a mandarin learning scholarship interview that I needed to prepare for so she went through some questions that I might be asked. She was very patient and is easy to understand. Thank you!
23 kwi 2024
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