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A certified teacher in MSA & Levantine at Minsk State Linguistic University with 5 years experience
Z: SyriaMiejsce zamieszkania: Minsk, Białoruś (08:00 UTC+03:00)
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Nauczyciel italki od 21 May 2021
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Hello, My name is Tarek and I am a teacher of Arabic and English. I love teaching languages, reading books, dancing and doing sport. I finished my Master in English Literature in Belarus, and I still live there. Currently, doing a PhD in Belarus. Other certificates: Bachelor in English Literature I'm a Native Arabic speaker and speak English and Russian fluently, so I understand well the process of acquisition a new language. I write Poems and Philosophical articles and I published my first book "The Storm of Existence" in 2016 Work experience: An Arabic and English Tutor in Al Noor Institute in Homs from 2015 till 2018 Currently, an Arabic and English Tutor at MSLU in Minsk since 2019

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arabski (Lewant)
arabski (współczesny)
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arabski (Lewant)
Uczeń jettendylan
22 lekcje/i arabski
Wybór nauczyciela
After being almost 5 months with each week a lesson, I would like to share some thoughts. Loyal, always on time, honest, friendly, always open for new thoughts and discussions are some terms for Tarek. Each lesson is different but with a main structure in the course using the interactive document. Different education tools such as podcasts, games and stories makes each lesson fade away. The level is gradually built up. Still, Tarek keeps in mind that a step back is also a step forward. Still difficulty in pronounciation? No worry, he picks an interactive book and goes over it with you. So Tarek is a master of the Arabic language, culture and in internationally teaching. Thanks for reading.
2 mar 2024
Uczeń Olya Berlat
Olya Berlat
11 lekcje/i arabski
Wybór nauczyciela
Tarek is the best مدرس I had 6 classes with Tarek, and I’m happy about my progress! So far - I’ve learnt about half of an alphabet - I’ve learnt how to introduce myself - I’ve learnt some basic dialogues like how’re you, where’re you from - and I’ve learnt some basic words like book, pen, house, car… Tarek has so much material for any question I ask, he has a video, or a pdf, or a game, literally for any question he knows how to explain it in a best way, so that speaks for his experience Personally, I also enjoy each class with Tarek he is very pleasant , easy going, calm, friendly and a very good person. I also appreciate that our classes are in my native language Thank you Tarek, and I’m looking forward to learn more Arabic with your help! شكراً جزيلاً🤍
21 lut 2024
Uczeń Anna Hylen
Anna Hylen
22 lekcje/i arabski
Wybór nauczyciela
I always feel like I see improvement when I finish lessons with Tarek, and the lessons are so enjoyable. I appreciate the structure of the lessons and the materials he uses, but most of all how encouraging he is. Tarek is the most helpful teacher I have had by far!
3 lis 2023
Uczeń Jiwon Kwak
Jiwon Kwak
9 lekcje/i arabski
As always, Tarek has very good vibes and is attentive to the student. Highly recommend as your Arabic teacher. Thank you!
20 lip 2024
Uczeń Anna
2 lekcje/i arabski
Tarek is an excellent Arabic teacher!
19 lip 2024
Uczeń oren yarom
oren yarom
179 lekcje/i arabski (Lewant)
Thanks for wonderful lesson
19 lip 2024
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