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Nishant Singh

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Tutor With 5 Years Of Experience ( Conversational Specialist - Kids Favorite )
Z: IndieMiejsce zamieszkania: Delhi, Indie (09:41 UTC+05:30)
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Nauczyciel italki od 4 May 2021
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"Namaste! I'm Nishant, a native Hindi teacher from India. I have been teaching students of all age groups for the last 5 years, providing them with online lessons as well as offline lessons. I believe in making the journey of learning Hindi enjoyable, interactive, and culturally enriching."

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Uczeń David Keener
David Keener
43 lekcje/i hindi
Wybór nauczyciela
I have used Nishant's coaching extensively and found him to be more understanding and more competent than most of his competitors. He doesn't focus too much on the "classroom" approach. In language learning there needs to be space for talking in the language, speaking the few words you know and are learning. There needs to be room for mistakes. That is how you learn. Nishant does a great job of creating space for these things. As someone who has been learning Hindi for over a year and tried many tutors and platforms like Pimsluer, Doulingo, and Rosetta Stone and I can say Nishant is a better choice than all of the other options I have tried outside the Growing Participator Approach.
13 lip 2024
Uczeń Martin Madan Gopal
Martin Madan Gopal
12 lekcje/i hindi
Wybór nauczyciela
Nishant ji is an excellent teacher, very patient, very encouraging and helps with both basic understanding as well as intriguing and interesting tips that helps me get a grasp of the material being presented.
5 cze 2024
Uczeń Charity
13 lekcje/i hindi
Wybór nauczyciela
I have taken several lessons with Nishant. He always gives his best effort and is very focused on helping me reach my goals. I have been taking online lessons for years and have found the best tutors on Italki are the ones who have a teacher's heart and are willing to make friends and have real conversations and share about their life, culture, etc. with you so you can actually learn the language and not just the words. You will find this with Nishant. Highly recommend!
9 kwi 2024
Uczeń Arman
7 lekcje/i hindi
Awesome instructor. Keeps the lessons very interesting
16 lip 2024
Uczeń Jeremy McKey
Jeremy McKey
4 lekcje/i hindi
I had a great first lesson with Nishant and look forward to working with him in the future!
17 cze 2024
Uczeń Terrence Rutledge
Terrence Rutledge
1 lekcja hindi
This guy is great! 10/10 recommend for best Hindi lesson
6 maj 2024
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