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My name is Hiromi from Okinawa Island, Japan. I was born in the beautiful city of Kanazawa and I also lived in Tokyo, Yokohama and Nara. I have a master's degree in sociology and have been a counselor and a communication trainer for the last 30 years. I also have written and translated several books and articles about family, gender, etc. I attended many conferences in Japan and other countries, in which I learnt a lot of things to empower women and girls. My hobbies include watching movies, gardening and traveling abroad. I am a very friendly, patient and motivated person.

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Uczeń Teresa
32 lekcje/i japoński
Today we read an interesting article on Anko beans and the various types of sweets that use Anko as the main ingredient. I enjoyed learning about how different processes being used to create a variety of sweets. During the reading process I had the opportunity to work on intonation, grammar points, and cultural significance all in one. I hope to one day try some Manju and some Daifuku.
19 maj 2024
Uczeń Sze Wei Lian
Sze Wei Lian
35 lekcje/i japoński
Had a fruitful conversation discussing recent happenings and topics like AI and Japanese news. Great learning experience!
19 maj 2024
Uczeń Teresa
32 lekcje/i japoński
Today we read a story about an exchange student's experience with eating taiyaki for the first time. The story contained many useful grammar points such as: ~ことにしますand ~ながら. I had the opportunity to make example sentences by using said points to become familiar with the usage. We took turns reading out loud and dissected the sentences to determine its context. Reading out loud quite was helpful with correcting any pronunciation errors and intonation challenges. My confidence with learning Japanese has improved quite a bit from working with Hiromi-san.
11 maj 2024
Uczeń Nicole G
Nicole G
79 lekcje/i japoński
Today we talked about peonies, tree peonies and azaleas. We also read about the history of cultivating shiitake mushrooms. Thanks!
10 maj 2024
Uczeń 胡tiger
80 lekcje/i japoński
5 maj 2024
Uczeń Teresa
32 lekcje/i japoński
Today we read an interesting article on different types of mushrooms and discussed the various ways of how they are prepared and served. We also did shadowing from a fun story on shiitake mushrooms. We discussed the main character's point of view and the usage of various grammar points that helped bring the story to life. I look forward to more classes with Hiromi-san.
4 maj 2024
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