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🏆Mandarin Certificate | Authentic Accent|Immersive Learning🏆
Z: ChinyMiejsce zamieszkania: Shijiazhuang, Chiny (05:50 UTC+08:00)
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Nauczyciel italki od 15 Jul 2021
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🏅My students range in age from 2 to 65 years old. In addition to classroom learning, they also like to practice Chinese by sharing their lives. 🏅The most important thing to learn Chinese is to build confidence, so that you will be surprised every time you improve. 🏅I like to understand the culture and customs of different countries, and explore all kinds of novel and interesting things. 🏅The class forms are more diverse: movies, novels, Vlog videos, work, Chinese market conditions, and even bits and pieces in life can be our classroom material.

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🥇Beginners & Preparation for HSK(1-3)/YCT(1-3)
A1 -  B1


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🥈Conversation practice
B1 -  C2


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🥉Preparation for HSK (4-5) / AP Chinese / YCT (4-5) & customized requests (Business Chinese, reading and writing, etc.)
B2 -  C2


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Uczeń Mark Harris
Mark Harris
179 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
Great teacher! I have been attending classes now for a few months and my understanding of Chinese is so much better than I ever thought possible. I never imagined I would be able to read Chinese characters so well or so quickly! The reason I have stayed with Eva is her teaching style and personality. She knows when I am just being lazy and pushes me to a higher level of difficulty. Yet this is done in a manner that does not feel overwhelming. She also has an excellent memory on what my weaknesses are and challenges me in every lesson to not become complacent, but to push myself to do better than I currently am. I highly recommend her as a teacher! The progress I have made under her instruction constantly amazes me and my local Chinese-speaking friends!
16 lip 2023
Uczeń Max P
Max P
78 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
Eva has earned the title of my favorite teacher due to her exceptional ability to deliver lessons with utmost conciseness and efficiency. Eva is intelligent, passionate, and fun, all of which contribute to making my learning journey a delightful and productive experience. I am able to make noticeable, steady progress during every class. 🥇
17 cze 2023
Uczeń Lawrence Gr-Polanco
Lawrence Gr-Polanco
52 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Wybór nauczyciela
Eva is an amazing teacher! She puts so much work into every lesson and customizes it for my level and needs. I have been learning chinese for a long time, but with Eva I feel like I am making more progress than ever before.
14 cze 2023
Uczeń Christine
63 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
Eva's lessons are very flexible and she adjusts her style depending on her student's needs. I never thought I'd thank someone for giving me homework but she will provide it if you want! Thanks again!
20 lip 2024
Uczeń Christine
63 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
My classes with Eva have started to get harder but she's still always patient even if she has to repeat a dialogue multiple times. Thank you, Eva!
20 lip 2024
Uczeń Paola soto
Paola soto
4 lekcje/i chiński (mandaryński)
great lesson! 谢谢
14 lip 2024
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