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5 Eyl 2022 09:58
Yorumlar · 13
Where is the link to the "For You" page, please?
6 Eylül 2022
Have you guys announced the winners ?😸
27 Eylül 2022
My dreams are somewhat like prediction of future 🔮. It may sound an exaggeration but it's true. Let it be good or bad. Let's take an example there was a time in my life when I was chubby ( though I'm still😐) , I wanted to be skinny and I dreamt about it once I remember, that was in my 1st year. Coming in 3rd year I was skinny like never, it felt good that it happened. There were benefits like I was able to eat whatever I like and not gain a ounce😝. This was no life changing moment. But yes I have what I have. 🦋🇮🇳
9 Eylül 2022
I often don't have dreams! Once I had dream that I am sleeping on a bed which can fly I start flying on the bed even I can turn it left and right on my requirement. I faster going toward sky air was very fast. I feel I have to go for pee but no choice at that time because I myself feeling a great pilot. So I decided I will drop my pee on my bed so I did the same. A hard slapped broken my dream my mom slapped me again and said why do you not went to the bathroom for this foolish pee. I forget my slapped but I get sad 😔 because a few minutes back I am the first who even flying bed. 🙃
9 Eylül 2022
Thanks for this interesting information!
7 Eylül 2022
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