Khristina / Христина
Profesyonel Öğretmen
Привет, понедельник! 🤟 I returned from vacation, which means the second season of the podcast will start this Sunday (I didn't think that I would ever write this). Flashcards didn't go anywhere, and as usual, once or twice a month on my page. My students, for you flashcards are a revision of the lesson materials, for everyone they can be a plan what to study in Russian. Today we start small. After vacation everyone needs another vacation, which means, in Russia, it's time for you to go to the dacha. I invite you to a conversational dacha class in the group class section. Dacha is mentioned in every second Russian classic book and people love and hate dacha so much at the same time. In their dachas, they created masterpieces of painting, books, world hits and films. The best place to practice spoken Russian. I also rented a dacha, the same as in the photo.
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13 May 2024 21:14