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Do you tell the truth or lie in the IELTS test? What if you are stuck when expressing yourself, when you lack of ideas, what do you do??? What if you don't have any content to share the moment you are asked a question on an IELTS test? How do you feel about 'telling a lie' when this is the only solution on a test? I found my Chinese students have a moral issue when I help them overcome 'being stuck' when speaking a question. It's vital to be honest and tell the truth. We all know this, but the IELTS speaking test goal is slightly different. Listen to the podcast and find out how you can overcome 'lack of ideas' when expressing yourself or when you can't tell stories. You can simply imagine them. You'll have more clarity on the recording. Enjoy it and join my classes to prepare for your next IELTS speaking test, job interview preparation, or to prepare your business English and communication skills. See you in my classes now.
Do you tell a truth or lie in the IELTS test?
16 May 2024 10:12
Привет, понедельник! 🤟 I returned from vacation, which means the second season of the podcast will start this Sunday (I didn't think that I would ever write this). Flashcards didn't go anywhere, and as usual, once or twice a month on my page. My students, for you flashcards are a revision of the lesson materials, for everyone they can be a plan what to study in Russian. Today we start small. After vacation everyone needs another vacation, which means, in Russia, it's time for you to go to the dacha. I invite you to a conversational dacha class in the group class section. Dacha is mentioned in every second Russian classic book and people love and hate dacha so much at the same time. In their dachas, they created masterpieces of painting, books, world hits and films. The best place to practice spoken Russian. I also rented a dacha, the same as in the photo.
Разговоры на ... .
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13 May 2024 21:14
Привет! Letter-posts are back! A quick catch-up today and on Monday, it will be a regular letter. In March, I had a lot of work and flowers, International Women’s Day. My students pointed out to me that there are many flower vending machines here in Moscow. I didn’t notice that before. In April, I was on vacation, but I held one workshop there and watched the flood, but my vacation really went well. Are you planning a vacation? And now the May holidays are ending and it seems that the weather was a little late about the snow instead of April 1, joking here now. For those who see such letters for the first time, on Mondays, I write short posts on how to study Russian better. We are all blessed today with a myriad of content, but the downside is too much substandard information. In winter, I wrote about the better alphabet learning, levels, methods etc. You can read more about this in previous posts on my page. If you want to find out what's wrong with the gerund in Russian, figure out what kind of oddities are happening with the nominative case, then follow and my Monday post will be in your feed. If something is really unclear in the language -- it means they have not explained it well. Learn Russian the easiest way! 🤟
Снег в ... ❄️
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12 May 2024 20:26
In this episode we are going to learn a Real Chinese Conversation【Buying milk tea】. -------------------------------------------------- Step 1: Listen and catch the words you know already, have a guess about the content. Step 2: Check the script to learn one by one. Step 3: Listen and repeat after it. Step 4: Practice until you can perform the dialogue. -------------------------------------------------- 店员/diànyuán/clerk; 顾客/gùkè/customer 店员: 欢迎光临。请(在)这边点单。 huān yíng guāng lín 。 qǐng ( zài ) zhè biān diǎn dān 。 Welcome. Please order over here. 顾客: 有什么推荐的吗? yǒu shén me tuī jiàn de ma ? Do you have any recommendations? 店员: 您喜欢喝奶茶还是果茶? nín xǐ huān hē nǎi chá hái shì guǒ chá ? Do you prefer milk tea or fruit tea? 顾客: 奶茶吧。 nǎi chá ba 。 Milk tea. 店员: 茉莉奶绿是我们的招牌,您可以试一下。 mò lì nǎi lǜ shì wǒ men de zhāo pái , nín kě yǐ shì yí xià 。 Jasmine Milk Green(tea) is our specialty. You can try it. 顾客: 是加了茉莉花和绿茶吗? shì jiā le mò lì huā hé lǜ chá ma ? Is it with jasmine and green tea? 店员: 是的。 shì de 。 Yes, it is. 顾客: 那来一杯吧。 nà lái yì bēi ba 。 I'll have a cup. 店员: 您要热的还是冰的? nín yào rè de hái shì bīng de ? Would you like it hot or iced? 顾客: 冰的,可以少冰吗? bīng de , kě yǐ shǎo bīng ma ? Iced. Can I have less ice? 店员: 没问题。您要大杯、中杯还是小杯? méi wèn tí 。 nín yào dà bēi 、 zhōng bēi hái shì xiǎo bēi ? No problem. Would you like a large, medium or small? 顾客: 中杯。 zhōng bēi 。 Medium. 店员: 我们有全糖、7分糖、5分糖、3分糖,也可以去糖。 wǒ men yǒu quán táng 、qī fēn táng 、wǔ fēn táng 、sān fēn táng , yě kě yǐ qù táng 。 We have full sugar, 70% sugar, 50% sugar, 30% percent sugar, or without sugar. 顾客: 7分糖吧。 qī fēn táng ba 。 70% sugar. 店员: 要加珍珠吗? yào jiā zhēn zhū ma ? Add tapioca? 顾客: 要的。 yào de 。 Yes. 店员: 好的。在这儿喝还是打包? hǎo de 。 zài zhè ér hē hái shì dǎ bāo ? Okay.Drink it here or takeaway? 顾客: 打包。 dǎ bāo 。 Takeaway.
买奶茶 Buying milk tea (Beginner)
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12 May 2024 08:46
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