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Tell a story based on a picture. This is a fun, educational activity that helps everyone unleash their creative potential for storytelling in the learning language.
😂​ une blague ❓Tu te maquilles tous les jours ? *maman, pourquoi tu te maquilles ? - mom, why are you putting on makeup? // мама, почему ты красишься? *parce que j’en ai marre d’être moche - because I'm tired of looking ugly // потому что мне надоело быть некрасивой *bah moi, je serais contente - well, I would be happy // ну, а я была бы рада *si je suis comme toi - if I look like you // если буду выглядеть как ты *quand je serai vieille - when I get old // когда стану старой 📍 grammaire: *tu te maquilles - reflexive verb (se maquiller), you need to use reflexive pronoun before the verb *je serais contente - conditional tense, it is used to speak about imaginative or hypothetical actions *Je serai - futur tense of être *vieille - feminin of vieux
31 May 2024 08:55
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