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To all italki teachers: You were yourself before you were a teacher. Let’s introduce more about your personal experiences and strengths to make the lessons clickable with your students!
let's talk about the importance of Hindi language Knowing Hindi may be of great help at work to communicate with your Indian counterparts . Hindi fluency will be of great help to people coming to India to acquire the knowledge of Yog. Hindi fluency will be useful in understanding the usefulness of different Yog asanas and it's Holistic effects to the human body . Hindi knowledge will also be useful in understanding and interacting with the yog gurus, their teaching and practicing the same . And what more reason than to learn a language for the fun of it . Learning Hindi and speaking it with the locals is a pleasure which no language lover would withhold Hindi being a common man's language can be extremely enjoyable to converse with the locals. The joy of seeing the locals being shocked when a foreigner speaks their native language can be utterly priceless. And the locals get more excited and eager to interact with a Hindi speaking foreigner . Therefore , if one doesn't want to lose out on such simple and genuine pleasure, then it will be a good idea to try and learn Hindi . for learning Hindi Language you can book my trail lesson and we will explore and i'll provide and teach you much more about Hindi language and ofcourse hindi too I hope to see you soon Best regards, Khushi Tiwari
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