Hello/Salaam/Shalom everyone! Can you all please help me? Can you please tell me how to say: Legacy and Heritage In Moroccan Arabic/Darija, and Modern Standard Arabic, and Hebrew please, in Romanization (I am still learning how to read Arabic and Hebrew)? Thank you!
2022年11月29日 23:32
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These two words are quite similar in Moroccan darija and in Standard Arabic, except for their prononciation. In Darija: heritage/legacy = lwert/lmirat In SA: heritage = al'irth = الإرث Legacy = almirath = الميراث
in darija is the same : el-wert (الورث)
Marhaba Niyah i am sorry about my english but i will do my best for help you. 1- Legacy : Irt ( ii/r/t) - إرث 2- Heritage : Mirat (Mi/ra/t) - ميراث جدتي ماتت وتركت لنا إرث كثير * Legacy إرث * دائما هناك مشاكل خلال تقسيم الميراث *Heritage : ميراث*