Exciting new feature! 🔥 italki is now offering our users a new class type called Group Class (for EN learners), allowing learners to learn together and create friendships. What is an English Group Class? In the English Group Class, you can learn with peers under the instructions of a professional teacher. Here you can enjoy a less stressed, more affordable, and multicultural English learning atmosphere. Why Group Class? - Practice with 4-6 students - 300+ topics that fit your level - Meet people around the world Interested? Book your first English Group Class today:
2022年9月15日 02:57
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I hope I can teach an Italian group class soon 🤩
2022年9月15日 19:20
That's an exciting news! I can't wait to have this feature for other languages Anyone interested in Arabic group classes?
2022年9月15日 20:08
I participated already at one group class. It was very interesting and I had learned a lot. Also we had fun. Hopefully, soon there are group classes available for more languages.
2022年9月15日 18:01
I want to teach English group classes! 💫
2022年9月16日 02:12
It's a great way to practice. I think we will have many interesting topics to talk about.
2022年9月15日 14:30