Kai Aoel 凯
学习语言的成果和庆祝语言的重要性: Reasons to celebrate languages and what I have achieved by learning another language in quotes: “A different language is different vision of life.” – Federico Fellini “每种不同的语言都是一种不同的生活视角。” ——费德里科·费里尼 “With languages, you are at home everywhere.” – Edmund de Waal “只要你学会各种语言,在哪里都像是在家里。”——埃德蒙·德·瓦尔 “Knowledge of language is the doorway to wisdom.” – Roger Bacon “语言的知识就是通往智慧的大门。”——里加斯·培根 "书是音符,谈话才是歌。"——契诃夫 "Books are compositions, but speech is the song itself." - Chekhov "用语言表达思想是人类唯一优越于其他动物的地方。语言是社交的工具。" ——本•琼森 "Expressing ideas in words is the only place where humans are superior to other animals. Language is a social tool." - Ben Jonson "在短短的语言中藏有丰富的智慧。" ——〔古希腊〕索福克勒斯 "There is a wealth of wisdom in just a few words." ——(Ancient Greece) Sophocles "语言是思想的外衣。" ——〔英国〕约翰逊 "Language is the cloak of thought." - (UK) Johnson
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