Tushant Jaiswal
Hi All , I am from India and looking for english speaker from India or any other country to enhance or sharpen the english with daily practice season. About me: I grew up in India and working in MNC in one of metro city in India and would like to practise with daily conversation for few mins. Kindly DM me or add comments to contact further.
2023年1月27日 15:59
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I would say advance intermediate level, and yes this timing can suits me as well.😊
2023年1月27日 21:35
Hi, Could you tell us what is your approx level in English? Beginner, interm, upper-interm? Or if you prefer (A1-2, B1-2,C)? If your level is intermediate/upper-intermediate, are you able to practice around 10-12 CET (Central European Time)?
2023年1月27日 21:18
You can send me a message in my profile (I can't send you as you blocked this option). I'm available every day Monday to Friday at around 10:00-12:00 CET so we can give it a try.
2023年1月28日 20:01
Im at advance level. But want to practice for fluency and new words to learn
2023年1月27日 21:20