Gisleine Tenorio
مُعلم محترف
"Library" and "livraria" may seem like cousins, but they are not twins! 🤯 False cognates are words that resemble each other in different languages but have distinct meanings. This similarity can lead to misunderstandings due to their appearance or sound, confusing those who are learning or using the languages. In today's post, I brought the pairs library (English) and livraria (Portuguese). 🇧🇷 In Brazil: 📚 Livraria: Where we buy our new and used books. 📖 Biblioteca: A free place of knowledge, where we can borrow books. 🇺🇸 In the USA: 📖 Bookstore: The place to buy new and used books. 📚 Library: A free learning space, usually without sales! Beware of literary false cognates! 🚨 Do you know any falar congnates in Portuguese? #LostInTranslation #CulturalLiteracy #falsecognates
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