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Hi! Language learners and native speakers! I wonder if some of you are a learner or lover of Linguistics? I'm trying to learn English Linguistics at the moment, and the Phonetics chapter overwhelms me very much. 😫 I really don't want to bother myself with the organs of speech, besides, there are so many terms that I don't know even they are written in my own language. 🥹There isn't a test about this chapter for me to pass, however, by skipping learning (actually, rough learning) the Phonetics, can I still learn/acquire Linguistics? I find it's irresponsible for not learning a subject entirely, the "being less professional" seems to be the only outcome for this.🤔😨 To those engaged in Linguistics, does it matter to continue learning when you are not as proficient in Phonetics? (Is it important to know how we physically sound?)
1. März 2024 03:34
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