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Привет, новый понедельник! 📅 Nominative case and other details At my family reunion, my mother pointed out to me "… когда море грубый." I read this sign in Arabic (on the second attempt), remained extremely proud of myself, and lost interest when I saw English below. “Море” is neuter means “грубое”, and lexically it’s better to say “волнуется” or “неспокойно". But it’s the grammatical gender and plural that you should learn first. And here comes another detail, the nominative case. The nominative case is the main character of your sentence. All that you introduce or name, “This is Ivan”, “this is a table”, is the nominative case. But I teach not only students but also teachers, so I root for both sides. Since some people have the idea that they can take a textbook and teach, don't blame them, if you take a hammer and try to build a house for the first time, the result may be... unexpected. So those self-proclaimed teachers confuse the gender with the nominative case. Students after a certain time will come to another teacher and tell them that they learned the nominative case, some will add spent hours on it. How fast did you read the sentence about the Nominative case? Now you understand the amazement of teachers, especially fresh out of university. If you want to reach B2 or beyond you need to see the difference. The gender is constant -- that’s very important. The case is situational like clothes which you wear according to the event. Dear teachers, students who learned the nominative case usually learned gender and plural. Dear students, if teachers are asking what you have studied in the nominative case, this is not a reason to think about their competence yet. If you want to start speaking Russian well from the beginning, you can check my schedule. Learn Russian the simplest way. 🤟
Where is the nominative case? Мне нравится русский язык.
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