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Greek Traditions no1 One widely spoken tradition in Greece is Καθαρά Δευτέρα (kathara Deftera - Clear Monday), and it is approaching in few weeks. The day of Clean Monday is celebrated strongly throughout Greece, and it is an official holiday. It is common throughout Greece to eat lagana, which is an unleavened bread prepared only on that day, taramas, halva, seafood, vegetables, olives and beans without oil. Main customs throughout Greece are kite flying, but also the so-called Gaitanaki, a custom brought from Asia Minor by the refugees. This day is the beginning of Lent for the Orthodox Church, while at the same time it marks the end of the Carnival. Clean Monday was named so because Christians are "cleansed" spiritually and physically. If you want to learn more about the Greek Traditions and the greek language you only have to try a trial lesson with me!
29. Feb. 2024 19:32