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Why don't you have fun with me? 🌸 Do you want to love the Japanese language more? 💖🇯🇵ようこそ!💁‍♀️
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I want to motivate and teach you! ☆ ❁ I am described to be positive, cheerful and I can get along with anyone. Teaching and watching the growth of my students brings me a lot of joy. ❁ I have experience working in hotels, Disney World, being a flight attendant, etc. Let me share more about them during our lessons! I am currently a Japanese teacher at public school but I also teach at Italki!! ❁ I was born in Nagoya and now live in Osaka Prefecture, so I can speak standard Japanese, Kansai dialect, and Nagoya dialect. ❁ I have lived in Taiwan, United States, United of kingdom and also Thailand. I've traveled to over 17 countries and love learning about different cultures of the world! ♡

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🌸 #1 Conversation Class ( 55mins ) 🌸 Happy Japanese time !!
A1 -  C2


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USD 16.00
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🌻 #2 Grammar Class for beginners ( 55mins ) 🌻 Super Easy !!
A1 -  A2


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🌹 #3 Informal Tutoring Class ( 55mins ) 🌹 Only for YOU !! Made by YOU !!
A1 -  C2


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USD 13.00
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🌺 #4 Kids Class 【 3~12 years old 】 ( 25mins / 55mins ) 🌺 Just for fun !!
A1 -  C2


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Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Jenny is a very professional teacher! My 10 year old daughter has already had 3 amazing classes with Jenny and she always enjoyed time with her. Jenny’s lessons are always well organised, fun and very productive. Thank you very much!
26. Nov 2022
51 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Jenny is not only a wonderful teacher in italki, she is very helpful even outside of the lessons. Constantly helping to correct my Japanese and helping me correct my mistakes. She puts a lot of preparation to make sure they are sure to be fun and engaging! She goes out of her way to become a great friend and it is truly inspiring! I find it difficult to believe she can manage everything while taking care of her twins! Simply amazing! Never a dull and boring time with her! Sunday will always be my favorite day because I have italki lessons with Jenny!
24. Apr 2022
Connor Chan
57 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Jenny Sensei is enthusiastic and has a strong desire to help people learn the Japanese language while having fun. She is knowledgeable about a lot of Japanese culture and colloquial speech and is able to teach it very effectively. Above all, she is a pleasure to speak with and be around
14. März 2022
6 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Best teacher ever!
15. Sept 2023
Al Lin
1 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunde
Teacher Jenny was great and my daughter enjoyed the lesson.
10. Sept 2023
6 Japanisch Unterrichtsstunden
Great lesson! Kanpai!
7. Sept 2023
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