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Only for SERIOUS learners:))) 12 + years experience online and offline
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If you`re interested in your progress and want to SPEAK Russian, I`m your RIGHT choice +12 years in training students online and offline PATIENT and PROFESSIONAL I love teaching and can definitely HELP YOU I’m a TORFL (Russian language exam) examiner for all levels and citizenship as well 40+ students passed successfully (levels A2-C2) and citizenship test I hold a PhD in the Russian Language and also, graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University as a certified PROFESSOR of Russian as a foreign language As well, I use a couple of alternative methods for learning languages (they really work) Book your lesson right NOW and LET`S start improving your Russian!

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138 Unterrichtsstunden abgeschlossen
USD 10.00+
Сustomized Russian lessons for you ( B1 level and higher) and personal homework with materials for your needs and goals )
B1 -  C2


2,044 Unterrichtsstunden abgeschlossen
USD 20.00+
Paket mit 10% Rabatt
Test Preparation (TORFL) for levels B2-C2 and the citizenship test (+ a lot of homework:)
B2 -  C2


238 Unterrichtsstunden abgeschlossen
USD 25.00+
Paket mit 8% Rabatt
Test Preparation (TORFL) for levels А2-B1 (+ a lot of homework:)
A2 -  B1


138 Unterrichtsstunden abgeschlossen
USD 23.00+
Paket mit 14% Rabatt
Daily Conversation ( B1 level and higher ) with written corrections during our class
B1 -  C2


195 Unterrichtsstunden abgeschlossen
USD 15.00
Paket mit 6% Rabatt
The Russian language for business and communication (B1 level and higher)
B1 -  C2


160 Unterrichtsstunden abgeschlossen
USD 28.00
Paket mit 3% Rabatt


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912 Bewertungen

Schüler/Schülerin Paul
82 Russisch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Olga is a great teacher. Each lesson we have great conversation and Olga is good at identifying my areas of improvements. I find the lessons challenging and I’m confident that my level of Russian is improving
13. Aug. 2022
Schüler/Schülerin Ellinea
78 Russisch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
Olga has been my teacher for years now (although I had various breaks on my language learning path) and I can really vouch for her commitment and availability. She never stops a lesson until we covered everything, even if we are overtime, she is really attentive when I am talking so she can spot my main weaknesses over time, answers all my questions and takes time afterwards to find relevant homeworks to send me. I am glad I can rely on Olga for my language goal: even when I stop learning for months and sometimes years, she is always ready to help me back on track when I start again!
18. Apr. 2021
Schüler/Schülerin Pep
232 Russisch Unterrichtsstunden
Auswahl der Lehrkraft
About time I write another review and I highly recommend Olga a as a teacher: engaging, professional, prepared, patient and always in a good mood. Her lessons are 100% personalized and she has what it seems like an infinite source of studying and practice materials. After 200 lessons I can confidently say that no time is wasted when studying with Olga. If you are serious about learning Russian, this is the place!
30. Dez. 2020
Schüler/Schülerin Tyler
2 Russisch Unterrichtsstunden
My first lesson with Olga was great. I got the feeling she would definitely be able to prepare me for the TORFL test. If that's your goal, I think she is the right person for the job. She clearly has a lot of personal experience, and insider knowledge about the test that makes her lessons worthwhile.
6. Apr. 2024
Schüler/Schülerin Steven
27 Russisch Unterrichtsstunden
After completing 25 lessons with Olga, I can't help but highly recommend her. Each session, each question has a reason to be asked. The attention to detail she puts into each class is what impresses me the most. She makes me feel unique. After 1 month and 9 lessons with Olga, I decided to take a test, received her good luck wishes, and... We managed to achieve the A2 certification! Now, we've finished our 25th lesson. I just came from a chess club in Moscow, and it's still difficult for me to believe that everyone understands me. I participate during class, make my friends laugh, and create job opportunities. If I had known that having a teacher could yield these results so quickly, I wouldn't have wasted those 10 months in vain. Thank you so much for being my mentor. I just wish you keep receiving the students you deserve. See you in our next lesson!
4. Apr. 2024
Schüler/Schülerin 🌟 Julia JD 🌟
🌟 Julia JD 🌟
1 Russisch Unterrichtsstunde
Замечательный преподаватель! Добрый, искренний, структурный! Точно доведет вас до результата! Рекомендую!
8. Jan. 2024
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